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Nicknamed "The RavenPuff", I've always had a penchant for curiosity. I was sorted into Hufflepuff after a long and arduous conversation with the Sorting Hat. Poor thing couldn't decide between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff! I guess my sympathy for it was what tipped the scales in Hufflepuff's favor. Regardless, I cherish the nickname. Being one that can logic through people's problems, as well as empathizing with them (probably to an unhealthy degree) I've become most of the school's go-to therapist. Not that I mind, really. My favorite subjects are Transfiguration, Astronomy, and Care of Magical Creatures. I also love flying, and am considering trying out for the Keeper position this year... OH! I forgot to mention the best thing about Hogwarts... Ambrosia! She is my cat; the pet students are allowed to bring in their first year? She makes this entire school worth it's (many) faults. Ever since first year I've had a fascination with with the moving portraits along the staircases. How on earth does someone paint them? I've asked Headmaster McGonagall but she doesn't seem to know. They were here long before she studied here, and then became a teacher. I love to draw and paint, so I try to study how these magnificent portraits were made in my spare time. I want to make one when I graduate! My wizard parents were thrilled when I got my letter, but hesitant to send me off to the UK for studying. Ilvermorny is great, but Hogwarts is the one that sent me my letter and we are unsure why. Doesn't matter, really, I still see them for holidays, so there is that.

Oh yes, one last thing. Just because I am an empathetic Hufflepuff doesn't mean I will hesitate to charm the everloving daylights out of you if you mess with me or my friends. Hm. Guess that does make me a Hufflepuff.

Charmed (hehe) to tell you about my life's story.
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