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Growing up was difficult for me. I could never really fit in. All my life ive delt with a terrible cripling anxiety then had lots of depression to top that off. When i was almost a year old my parents were killed in a terrible accident due to these horrible muggles. Ever since then ive lost any respect for any non magical person. Later on i got to live with my grandfather. Hes a great guy but not so much a good guardian... he decided it would be good for me to go to some muggle schools so i could get a head start on the world and get good socializing skills, i doubt he knew about my anxiety. All through muggle school ive been bullied for dressing in ways other may presume to be "goth" or "emo", but oh then i came out as trans and gay then thats when everything took a turn. The bullying increased, i was scared and alone, i had no one to turn to, at this point since my grandfather is a single man he brought alot of women home and became well lets say um.. not there half the time, if you know what i mean, anyways a few months later i was put into a much better home, but still i felt alone, you see, this family didnt know i had magical talents, yet again still got bullied by other kids in each school ive went to, but now im finally going to a school were theres other magical people like me, i hope its much different here...
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