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Holy shit- Where are my trans otaku fam at?!

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Name’s Greyson, or Grey for short. I’m Trans, Pan, and here to fuck some shit up
I’m fourteen, and transgender ftm. I’m currently dating an awesome girl. I’m really here to do a bit of roleplaying with my ocs, and hopefully get to know myself better as a person through that. I also wanna make some friends, because my social anxiety exists!! Online friends are great, goddammit.

Name: Greyson Hughes

Age: 14

Gender: Male ftm

Sexuality: Straight

Status: Single

Looks: Short brown hair, usually worn under a black beanie hat. Sharp, dark brown eyes and a permanent apathetic expression on his face. Skinny, and average height.

Personality: Generally to people whom he doesn’t know, Greyson seems extremely distant and detached. When he does smile, it’s very forced and unnatural. To people Greyson does know, he acts a little more natural, and sometimes lets cracks of his true personality show through, but more commonly, he’ll just remain apathetic and bored most of the time. If he gets really angry, he can be difficult to reason with, and it’ll usually end up with someone getting hurt.

Out of school outfits: Greyson enjoys wearing plaid shirts and baggy hoodies over tshirts with ironic statements or logos from things he enjoys. Occasionally he may wear just a tshirt if it gets hot, but it’s a rare occasion.

Likes: Reading(mainly fantasy novels and horror), anime(again, the genre of horror, and random isekai trash as a guilty pleasure), horror movies, cats, coffee, rock music, jpop, rap, video games, horror games, art, otaku culture, cosplay, writing

Dislikes: Weeaboos and their kinks, fetishising of characters, pedophilia, incest, kpop, op ocs, vsco girls, egirls/eboys, overused tropes, playing into stereotypes, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, art tracing/stealing, gender dysphoria, not being cisgender, depression, social anxiety, self-diagnosis, math teachers (it’s hard to explain)

Magical shit-
Favourite lesson: DaDa
Favourite spell: Nox
You’ll find him: In the Slytherin common room
Least favourite lesson: Charms
Animagus form: Jackal
Patronus: Jackal
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