Charles Fernsby


Have you ever seen that small, fluffy black kitten running around Hogwarts? You know, the kitten that seems to be the runt of the family? That’s me...

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Charles Fernsby
Age: 4657 (Demon)
Age Physically: 15
Blood Status: Pureblood
Height: 5’9”
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: Male (Maybe not... confused)
Pronouns: They/Them/Their or He/Him

Animagus: Black Cat
Patronus: Crow
Blood, Cigarettes, Roses
Boggart: Werewolf
Ebony Wood with Bone Details, Phoenix Tail Feather Core, Unyielding Flexibility, 13 inches

Pets: Male Black Cat (Edmund)

* For Clarification, I’m from Shanghai, China, but I reside in London, England.

Tall, Lanky, Extremely Pale, Cat-like eyes, Black hair...

My eyes are blood red normally but they change to a dark amber colour sometimes.... if you ever see this, it doesn’t happen very often.... I’ll explain... sometime.... ummm... sorry.........

Shy, Mysterious, Cold, Scrappy...
Intelligent, Protective, Curious, and Comforting


Health problems before events:
Bad Asthma, OCD, ADHD

Health Problems after evens:
Bad Asthma, OCD, ADHD, Clinical Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, PTSD (severe)

I’m working to help my health problems. After the events of my childhood, it takes a bit. But I’ve gotten a lot better over the years.


Biological family:
Sister- Anika (Deceased....)
Twin Brother- James (Unknown....)

Adoptive Parents:
Mum- Elizabeth (Deceased....)
Dad- Roman (Deceased....)

I.... I.... I was the one... who killed my adoptive parents.... I loved them.... and I lost control.... last thing I remember is sitting in a pool of blood in the kitchen, unable to move as the shock came in waves.... the panic set in.... their bodies lay on the floor.... shredded like paper.... I’d made a mistake.... Elizabeth and Roman Fernsby died at my hand.... I was 5 in human form....

Anika died in my 2nd year at Hogwarts.... she was mostly human... a werewolf.... they killed her.... she too lost control sometimes..... they murdered Anika, my sweet baby sister... she was 8 years old.... I’m sorry I couldn’t save you Anika....

James.... he was kidnapped and taken when we were kids.... we wear matching navy blue bead bracelets.... we got them before the event..... I don’t know if he’s alive or if he was reincarnated or what... but he’s not in the Underworld.... so he’s either reincarnated or.... still going through that torture.... 3 years now.... he was taken 2 years before Anika died.... we were about to start our 1st years at Hogwarts as brothers.... and I lost him...

It’s been a while since I’ve been in human form full time. It’s about time I decide to go to Hogwarts. You see, since I’m kinda a demon, I don’t really age.... in physical form, my body ages slowly. I can get hurt but it takes a while to really kill me. Like, a lot more than just a bullet through my temple. And when I do “die,” I have the choice of either regenerating my body for another life in the human world.... or just going back to hell and resuming my official duties as a demon. In human form, I have the choice of either serving someone in their lifetime in exchange for their soul or just living a life. It depends on what gets to me first, my thoughts or the stupidity of the desperate voices of dying people in the back of my head when I’m not in the human world. It’s kinda a punishment for bad deeds. You get the idea?

Yeah, that’s enough for now...

And no one questions why I don’t eat any meals?
What the hell?
Ha, hell...

Well that’s that, at least you know I’m not an immortal... to some extent.

I’ll continue this some other time...
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