“Sword in one hand, half eaten cookie in the other, that’s a real warrior.” -a book I read, I forget which lol

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Hi, I’m Maple. I am a Hufflepuff. My mom is a Ravenclaw and My dad is a Hufflepuff. I would be going to the normal campus with everyone else, but I’m stuck on this online thing, as I want to continue my studies but that stupid troll messed up everything (if you don’t know don’t ask). Well, here’s a little info about me:

Color: ultraviolet!! Lol
Food: idk
Book: I like a lot of books!
Subject: uh. LUNCH!!

Reading, art, hanging out with my awesome friends, studying magic, writing, singing (but I’m not very good at it), and playing video games.

Birthday: April 26

Physical appearance-
Eyes: blue-gray-green
Skin: pale with freckles
Hair:long, brown and kinda wavy
I’m 5’3 and skinny.
I also wear glasses.
Also if you can’t tell already I’m female lol
I’m a pure blood if it matters.
If you knew me irl I’m really shy and don’t talk to many people but online I’m very social.

Magic info-
Patronus: dolphin
Wand: spruce wood, phenix feather core,
10 3/4”

Stuff that I guess is good about me:
I’m nice and will always be there for anyone, I try not to judge anyone, I’m pretty fun once you get to know me, I don’t lie, and if I do it’s only a white lie so people get their feeling hurt.
Bad quality’s:
I’m awkward, I can be skeptical of people or to trusting, I laugh a lot when I’m nervous, and also I think I’m a bit hard on myself at times TwT, I also care too much what people think and feel, also a ramble a lot.

If you want to role play I’m happy do do so, but I will only role play as maple (me) I don’t want to pretend to be someone I’m not. If you don’t like how I act or look or something then deal with it, I’m not going to change who I am.

Also I love to write chapter books or short story’s and draw and I think I’m pretty good at those to things so if you want me to do either one of those if be happy to I mean like if you want me to draw a picture then send it to you or write a story then send it to you, the only rule is nothing inappropriate! If you say you want me to write or draw something I’m uncomfortable with I will let you know Nicely that I won’t do that then I will delete your comment.

I think that’s just about everything about me! I hope we can be friends! Bye!

Additional Social Media:
Java edition- MapleLeafGacha
Bedrock Edition- swift deer25541
Roblox- galaxy_girl25541
My main channel- Maple Leaf Gacha
A shared channel- The Unseen Stars (cheesy)
(I also have hangouts, I would put my phone number but that’s TMI)
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