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I. WAS. LEADER. ZIA. don't ever say her name.... shes horrible monster!

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days go on and go,
each day goes by faster and faster...
why was that.. why does it go by faster and faster?
each day... time is loss by fighting with your family...
each day you make... is something you remember...
each day you lost by hurting your family is something you will remember...
but all those days you were rude and selfish to your family..
time is wasted..
time is lost...
you will remember that moment forever..
you would feel so guilty.. so sad... so heart broken..
Days go faster and faster... who knows when it will stop..
you soon will notice that its midnight..
where has the time gone!
what happened to it?
By the end of the fight,
one will be gone,
someone will leave,
another person,
will have to say everything...
the other person is me.
in the end... it's me who I need to fix things.
My mind cant pick the path,
death or alive,
happiness or sadness,
suffering or living...
my mind cant pick anymore
its like suffering under a rock for so long that you can hardly breath anymore...
its like your mind isn't working and you just shut down..
Its like two choices,
good or bad,
angel or devil.
people can pick the path they want to go in you know~
but some people are too blind to see what path they are taking and accidently falling into the bad path...
the path no one wants to go..
the path that people say do not go,
but people do...
they dust themselves off and try to get on the main path
but the way is locked,
they turn into something like robots, not knowing what they are doing is bad
but they still do it..
only that... the hole to get into the main path gets smaller and smaller..
but one day.. that person must face the truth even if it hurts them back,
even if they fall into another path. and its called loneliness....

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