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I was sorted into Gryffindor , for my daring and comical nature. The decision took a few seconds, in which the sorting hat pondered momentarily upon placing me into Hufflepuff, a decision I would have wholeheartedly accepted. I enjoyed Charms and Transfiguration classes, with my favorite being Care of Magical Creatures, since it was the most entertaining to be in. Overall, I preferred the practical, hands-on type of magic more than any theoretical or wandless class we I had to sit through. History of Magic was a bore. Flying was thrilling to do and fun to watch, but I'm no good with travelling at tremendous speeds at great heights. I am a half-blood, wizard on my mother's side. At school, I never really mentioned my blood status to anyone, and once I graduated, I tended to avoid the subject altogether, as I discovered that such a conversation tends to poison the atmosphere. When He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named rose to power, my family wanted to move to the islands of New Zealand, and I chose to go with them, so I could practice and perform without the fear of a Death-Eater popping out of the crowd. My greatest strength would be my ability to, not just make people smile and laugh and gasp, but also to bring a crackling sparkle of joy into their lives, to make their day in our incredible wizarding world even more extraordinary. I suppose my greatest weakness is... I don't have one! But in all seriousness, it is the negative judgement of my work from both myself and my audience that truly breaks my heart and keeps me awake at night biting my nails. Before I finished school, I first wanted to be a magical inventor because I thought all it meant was playing with your food all day long. Then I wanted to be a magical artist, but that dream ended very abruptly when I discovered my incompetence with art. Eventually, I found that my love of laughter and story-telling would make me an excellent worldwide Magical Entertainer and even an Author, so I put my mind to pursuing such careers and I am proud to say I achieved them! I think the most fascinating aspect of magic is the efficiency and wonder it brings into the lives of the magically gifted. I suppose you could say I use magic to help others crack a grin and also to further my own ends of conquering the world with a good book and a joke. To be perfectly honest, what I really want is to live in a world where we smile and fascinate each other. I do have a pet, I have a pet Tortoise named Houdini after the famous Muggle escape artist (I am still unconvinced he is a Muggle, with everything he has managed to do), and a Crup called Georgina who likes to jump on me and loves to be petted and be fed by anyone, including Muggles, surprisingly. My father is a retired businessman who made and supplied some of the best broom-making companies in the world with top-of-the-range bipod components, while my mother was a popular quidditch player until she was forced to leave after suffering a severe injury, and now manufactures and sells treeless Aethonan saddles. My brother became a respected alchemist after he left school, yet performs with me occasionally, as he did in our youth.
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