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“You can’t always choose what music life plays, but you can choose how you dance to it.”

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Jimin is a muggleborn girl with highly overprotective parents. They homeschool her, and don’t even let her go outside without her parents’ supervision! But one day, oh, that one day that Jimin will remember forever, is when she got her hogwarts letter. It was a normal day on a Sunday morning at 7:00, Mrs. Young was starting her reading lesson with Jimin and Mr. Young was reading the Sunday special newspaper at the kitchen table before he left for work. All was well, until a snowy white owl started pecking at the window. Mrs. Young kept on trying to shoo the ‘pest’ away, but the owl persisted and kept on bobbing its round head at Jimin, who was sitting in the sitting room only a few feet away. She got up, took the letter from the birds clutches, and nearly stumbled out the window herself after barely starting the letter.
After a long time of begging and promises, Mr and Mrs’ Young took their only daughter to the bloody alley. It was simply amazing. All the architecture, the bustling, and oh, the excitement! Kids Jimin’s age were running around checking out the ‘coolest new broom’ in stock and a few girls also around her age were in what seemed like some sort of a tailor shop, getting their black robes fitted. First, of course, Jimin went for the bookstore. She got all the necessities she needed after about an hour, and nearly burst in excitement and read all her books in one go when she got home.

Jimin nervously walked up to the battered old hat on the stool and sat down, placing the hat on her head. ‘My my,’ boomed the hat, making her jump and look around in fear, ‘plenty of smarts I see. Oh my, and some kindness too. This case has only two places for you. Now child, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?’ Jimin started sweating. ‘Well, oh wise hat, I hope that I do end up in ravenclaw. While Hufflepuff is very interesting and fitting, It is sadly my second choice. Now do what you must, great sorting hat.’ Jimin thought to the hat humbly. The hat seemed to rumble with happiness and glory. ‘Well then... RAVENCLAW!” The hat barked into the crowd, causing a cheer to erupt from the Ravenclaw table. Jimin smiled And rushed down to her classmates.
Name: Jimin Yiu Young

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: Depends, but usually around 11 or 12

Nationality: Korean

Sexuality: Straight (Maybe Pansexual? She’s still trying to figure it out.)

Place of birth: London, England

Place of death: ...

Accent: Full British.

Voice tone: A bit high, but overall normal.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Skin tone: Pale

Hair length: Mid-back length

Eye shape: Almond

Nose: a small, button nose! A classic.

Lips: Full, but innocent.

Face shape: Heart, also a classic.

Posture: Straight.

Animagus: A black cat with piercing brown eyes

Wand: 11 inch Phoenix feather, holly wood, stretchy but sturdy


She is very smart, yet gentle with her words and careful not to be bossy. However, because of this, she cannot for the life of her stand up for herself, and it gets her in the victim situation a lot. She enjoys things being tidy, thanks to the house she grew up in and the way she was raised, but can’t stand it when the floor even has a speck on it. She is a bit of a workaholic. Overall, she has pros, but has certain flaws and traits that rival them.

Talents: She can read at a nearly inhuman vocabulary and speed, can do a killer uppercut, could speak a speech that could rival a politician. She is actually a very good dancer, thank you very much!

Sport(s)?: She used to go to a dance class, and still practices a lot in her spare time.

Friends: Friends? What are friends?

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite food: Apples!

Favorite drink: Butterbeer. She loves the way it melts in her mouth.

Favorite place:
Paris! She went there when she was little, but still remembers certain moments that stick with her to this day.

Favorite show: she isn’t allowed to watch tv...

Favorite musical: again, she doesn’t watch tv..

Favorite subjects: Muggle studies, Defense against the dark arts, History Of Magic

Least favorite: Herbology, flying, astronomy

Theme Song: Royalty - Connor Maynard

Think before acting or acting before thinking?: Think before acting.

Fight or flight: Fight (at least try to)

Extrovert or downright antisocial?: A bit in between.

Disclaimer: The profile pic doesn’t belong to me! It belongs to the talented artist!
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