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(Made by Celestia .C. Granger)

I am Celestia, an 11 yr old girl living in Canada L.O, here is some information about me:


Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Looks: dirty blonde hair (kind of looks Light brown), light blue eyes and wears black glasses

Friends (in original account): Ellie Snow, Ellie Eleven Potter, and Henry ridgeback, if your my friend and your name aren't on here let me know.

Personality: mostly tired, Sad, Short tempered, and Friendly
Name: Ellie Snow

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Looks: Long black/dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, light complexion, medium height, skinny

Likes: Reading, drawing, writing, baking, singing, cats (no not the movie), music, sushi, The Avengers, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter (duh), slime, you

Dislikes: Hypocrites, Almonds, people who hate Harry Potter, you


Background: When I got my letter, I didn't know what to do. I was already a demigod at Camp-Half Blood and now a skilled witch at Hogwarts. Everyone knew that I would be a Squib. One day, I woke up and saw an old barn owl right outside my cabin window. At first, I thought it was a prank. My older sister always tried to play pranks me. Even though she worked at the Ministry of Magic, and has a new baby daughter, she still sent prank owls. I loved to shop in Diagon Alley with my father when I was younger. He died when I was ten. It was like a part of me was broken. I was determined to live a successful life as he did.
I loved going to Camp Half-Blood. There I learned I wasn't the only one. I went to Camp Half-Blood in the summer and Hogwarts for school. (Oh and yeah, I'm Catholic and I live in Washington.)
Roleplay Rules:

-No Godmodding!!

-Don't be shy to ask if you want to RP

-Please no cursing

-No Mary Sue

-Please have at least three sentences

-No Asterisks ( * )

-Don't be rude

-Don't leave it all to me

-Have fun while doing it!!

Please mind the rules otherwise I might not reply.

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