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Hi everyone:) I want to tell everybody that I am left handed and I am extremely shy.You would know if you met me. I might look like I’m rolling my eyes but really,don’t take it seriously unless my face also shows a ignorance exspression.(is that a word?!?).So,I am born in a pure-blood family (like I wanted to) they were expecting me to get into Ravenclaw but...guess what? I didn’t!So I was absolutely DREADING IT.When I went to Diagon Ally I first saw the broomsticks on display at one of the stores,and,everything just...well... clicked.Maybe this WILL be enjoyable :).This is my first year at Hogwarts...(if you didn’t know that) So I’m going to need all the help I can get because the homework is very annoying in a sort of way,so, I will be posting on my profile,so,bye!(For now at least).
P.S. I can turn into a wolf patronus
P.P.S.This is not my real name so don’t pester me with questions about my real life or I will block you
https://soundcloud.com/marshmellomusic/colourr Plz listen to it is a good song
P.P.P.S If you want to rp with me:
No bad words
Plz don’t be annoying

Daisy Potko’s (main account)Bio:
Name:Daisy Sirina Potko
Birth:March 19
Mother:Elena Allison Potko
Dad:David William Potko
Type:Pure Blood
Wand:Dragon Heartcore with some Phoenix strands
Sister:Ellie Ennol Potko I’ve also opened a second account called Kiki Potko *UPDATE*I just opened the Kiki Potko account you should check it out
My mom works as a Ministry of Magic employee and my dad is an auror I probably didn’t spell that right did I?
I a
I am
I am s
I am sh
I am shy
I am sh
I am s
I am
I a
Appearance:Hazelnut color hair, green eyes,Short hair and looks related to the Weasleys but is not
My parents were really protective of me.The only girl I saw before Hogwarts was my sister.
Good qualities:Very honest and smart and funny and is very trustworthy and warm if you get to know me
Bad qualities:Very shy and serious and quiet if you are a stranger and if you know me I am a chatterbox and is very lazy could get Outstandings on her report card but doesn’t work hard enough and is very whiny and sensitive
Owner of “The Outcasts” group
Tell what you think about this book by posting on my profile
Favorite Animal:Cheetah,Hippogriff,and Phoenix
Favorite Color:Teal
Dream Vacation:to a mystical island where you can float on clouds
Likes:Reading,drawing,making up stories,solving puzzles,technology,and spending time with friends
Dislikes:Nails on a chalkboard,bullies,when technology isn’t working,swearing,and when a friend cries
Pets:A cat named Firefall and a Owl named Waterstream
Bye b
Bye by
Bye bye
Bye by
Bye b
Social Status:half outcast half regular only for I am friends with a popular person’s friend’s friend
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