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Bookworm,nerdy,curious,moody,introvert,explorer and thinker,dreamer.In love with magic and the impossible.Foodie,love to travel.Love dreaming to music

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Hello Wizarding World!!!!!
This is Ginny HermioneLuna Potter......
11 year old half-blood first year student at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
Shy,nerdy,curious,moody,messy,introvert,emotional,dreamy,fiercely loyal,voracious reader,bookworm, usually quiet and calm, stubborn,though can keep long grudges,passionate about Hogwarts usually not much of a rule breaker but would often break them for certain reasons
Hobbies-Reading books,dreaming,writing,listening to music,cooking,eating, roleplay and travelling
Dreams and aspirations -Travelling to places outside my country,eating the different dishes from every cuisine,landing a well paying nice job in the wizarding world.
Favourite food-Bertie Bott's every flavour beans,butterbeer,steak and kidney pie,anything with meat in it,milk and milk products,desserts.
Favourite colour-Lavender
Favourite travelling destinations-Forests
Favourite Harry Potter characters-Harry Potter, Hermione and Ginny,followed by Luna and Ron.
Born-15 May,Zodiac sign-Taurus
Wand-English oak,dragon heartstring core,13 inches,surprisingly swishy.
Amortentia smells like fresh parchment,new books,kerosene,nailpolish,acetone,paints and varnishes,naphthalene,petrol and sodden earth after rain.
Patronus-not produced yet
Boggart-Giant spider
Favourite subject-Charms,Dada,Divination,CoMC,Potions
Favourite spells-Protego, Expelliarmus

I am an excited 11 year old first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry for whom it was a dream come true moment when the Hogwarts letter finally arrived.My wand is English Oak,with a dragon heartstring core,13 inches and surprisingly swishy.I read the Harry Potter series books by J.K.Rowling and watched the Harry Potter films quite many times from a young age and am quite a fan of it and Harry Potter.Ever since I first did the same,it has been my dream to come to Hogwarts and be a Gryffindor.It was only helped by the fact that I already knew I was magic when things happened around me such as my tiffin box being found in the kitchen though I didn't remember doing it,when I had been thinking of doing it for a long time.My witch mother confirmed for me that I showed signs of magic from an early age and I have been waiting to turn eleven ever since.I am finally what I wanted to be,a Hogwarts student,yeaahhhhh......
I was sorted into Gryffindor by the sorting hat which took exactly 5 and 1/2 minutes to declare its final decision. I was told by the Sorting Hat that I could be Ravenclaw owing to my curiosity,imagination,high IQ and willingness to learn and follow wisdom.But my favourite Hogwarts house is Gryffindor as I am quite a fan of former Hogwarts student and hero of the wizarding world Harry Potter as per the series by J.K.Rowling,after reading the books and watching the films,impressed by the way Gryffindor students were portrayed taking their lives.I immediately felt inclined to put forth daring,nerve and chivalry .So I frantically requested to be placed in Gryffindor and the Sorting Hat after making me a hatstall finally made the decision in my favour. I am proud and delighted to have been placed in Gryffindor. I think I really like Charms and Defence against the Dark Arts from whatever I have read and heard till now and am looking forward to these classes. I also like Herbology,Care of Magical Creatures,potions to some extent and Divination and Muggle studies are supposed to be interesting. I don't like sports much and thus neither like nor am good at flying.Quidditch may be good to watch but I would never play it.Except these I don't think there is any particular subject I dislike.I am a half-blood witch born to a witch mother and a Muggle father.Being half-blood,some children from extremist pure blood families tend to be only civil towards me or to utterly dislike me or avoid me but I dont really face any other great difficulties ,now that in the Hogwarts battle of 2 May 1998,He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was defeated,the wizarding world has become extremely Democratic.Muggle-borns,other half-bloods and most pure-bloods usually associate with me without hesitation and I feel more than enough at home here like I want to be. I think my greatest strength is my love of the world and people,my love of magic,my curiosity to learn and know and be able to get involved and do,combined with my imaginative nature and high IQ.My greatest weakness is the tendency to want to associate so much that I tend to be taken advantage of.After I finish school,I am looking forward to first land a wizarding job(since I am being educated in this field and must not waste it) of course,which pays well,is preferably in a field I love and enjoy,is respectable and keeps me happy with a family and in luxury and then enjoy life in general.One of my dreams is to travel the world.I feel that the most fascinating aspect of magic is the scope of magic,the various possibilities,the numerous things in it still unexplored,the scope of widening the mind and hoping for more than available and knowing that it may be possible,and the existence of magic itself,the way it can help us do things we want to in our own way,like the simple ability to summon a thing without having to touch or see it or to perform a spell to do exactly what we want from within i.e. evidence that dreams are not dreams only and when we want to do something it may be quite possible.I want to use magic to the fullest extent I can,to help others as well as for my own benefit,as long as it is without harming anyone or anything or being selfish.Being honest with myself,I really want to explore the world,feel and philosophize on life and why it exists, experience and enjoy it with luxury and quench as much of my curiosity as I can,if possible with a partner with the same dreams,and I want to use magic as a tool for that to the best possibility.I have a pet female snowy owl, gifted to me by my parents to act as a pet and also a post owl for me,whom I named Snowfluffles owing to her beautiful snow white feathers and the fluffy woolly feel on her surface.She is a proud but not vain,confident and dignified owl of a brave and daring nature, strong for her job and intelligent and is also kind,dreamy and curious just like me, because of which we get on very well together.Its almost like we understand each other totally,sometimes even without speaking our minds and she is an inseparable part of my life and not only a pet owl but also a loyal and trustworthy friend with whom I share my innermost feelings.She comforts me and does a great enough job of cheering me up and making me feel like I have a friend when I need it even though she can't talk or act like a human.She loves me intensely and is extremely obedient, submissive and loyal to me.She is not much of a foodie though she accepts tidbits like sandwiches,toast etc and particularly loves chicken,some sweet treats,spicy junk food,chips and anything with chicken or meat in it.She can be quite clingy and doesn't tend to want to leave me alone for too long,sometimes landing on the window sill of my classes or appearing from nowhere in the place I happen to be.I love her intensely.I come from a family of a peaceful and quiet disposition who try to the best capability to not breach the International statute of secrecy.My muggle father is quite intelligent and has a job at a high and respectable post in the muggle world but didn't know that my mother was a witch when they married.However he seemed to have guessed as he wasn't too surprised when he came to know about it or when she told him.He is not prejudiced against the wizarding world and respects it and immensely loves and respects my mother.He also loves me and my younger brother immensely.I seem to have inherited my intelligence from my father and magic and other qualities from my witch mother.She is a talented pure-blood witch from a respectable democratic family graduated from Hogwarts herself and with my father encouraged me ever since I first showed signs of magic.My mother was also almost a hatstall just like me.The sorting hat couldnt decide whether to place her in Hufflepuff or Gryffindor owing to her hard work and loyalty and her extreme fierce determination to be sorted into Gryffindor and show her brave,daring and chivalrous nature ,and took four and a half minutes to decide before placing her in Gryffindor.My little brother has yet occassionally shown feeble signs of magic and may end up in Hogwarts later.There are no oddities or disagreements among any of my family members and we live in peace and they are quite my support in life through and through.
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