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Full name:Alexandra
Date of birth:May 18th
Blood status:Muggle born
Wand:Elm wood with a dragon heartstring core, 12 ½" and quite bendy flexibility
Likes: Plants, Peanut butter, Books, Good company, Tea in the morning
Dislikes: Most people
Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Drawing
Fears: The future, Deep water(sorta), tight spaces
Ambition: A good community, a stable job(Maybe a curse-breaker or Maybe Auror... ooooh or work for the daily prophet)
Father: Muggle born
Mother: Witch, Healer
Younger brother: Hogwarts student
Younger sister: No signs of magic
Paternal grandparents: Small signs of magic
Maternal grandparents: Pure blood on both sides, Planned marriage from the age of nine
Pet: Small Tytonidae owl
Blood Status: Half-blood
Boggart: Injured\dead family
Patronus: Stoat
Animagus: Belgian cat
Amortentia: Old books, chocolate, camp fire

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