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I'm a muggle born, and upon entering the Wizarding World, my parents needed to find a way to support their daughter financially, so that I could create a life for myself as a witch. They had no galleons, no Gringotts account, because obviously, they couldn't do magic, and therefore, didn't have wizard jobs. They weren't used to not having enough. In the muggle world, we enjoyed a stable income, and a comfortable house. But neither of these were of any help in the Wizarding World, without a knut in our pockets. So, my father became involved in an exchange between the muggle and wizarding currencies, a practice which is legal only because the International Confederation of Wizards has yet to address it. My peers know me as "mudblood crook", an unfortunate title, but while the acquisition of my family's gold may perhaps be inequitable, the real question is why the Ministry has not made the integration of muggle born families into wizarding society any easier since the twentieth century. It seems a cheap attempt to keep the old pure blood families in power and the muggle borns impoverished. While the state of the magical government has undoubtedly improved since the appointment of Kingsley Shacklebolt as Minister, work remains to be done.

In school, I'm particularly interested in potion brewing. After Hogwarts, I wish to pursue a career through the Committee on Experimental Charms. This line of work primarily entails inventing and approving new spells and potions, as well as developing creative and lucrative uses for established ones.

I might seem intimidating at first, but really I'm just a romantic goofball who loves a good hug.
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