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My whole family has been sorted into Slytherin right from the start so when the sorting hat yelled Slytherin the instant it touched my head I was not surprised but somehow I didn’t think I was meant to be in that house. I smiled and acted as thought I knew this would happen and that I wanted this to happen but the truth is I barely registered myself standing and walking to the table or even all the shouting from the Slytherin table. I was in a complete daze however after just a few days in Slytherin I realised that this was where I was meant to be. It took me very little time to find my favourite classes and teachers professor Snape is incredible he’s amazing at potions and he knows who will do well and who won’t defence against the dark arts is another favourite of mine I can’t say the same about the professors though. Care of magical creatures is utterly boring and I won’t waste time going into detail about it it’s just not worth it. Wing a pure blood I have grown up very well off however I’ve always felt as though something was missing and after being at Hogwarts I don’t believe all the horrible stuff my parents told me about muggleborns and half-bloods honestly I think they’re alright. I can’t never let anyone know how I feel though my parents are far to stuck in their ways to believe that they may be wrong. I was just a baby when you-know-who disappeared but I remember the years after that my parents had banned his name and refused to speak of him they acted as thought he was nearly a bad dream to be forgotten. I knew that wasn’t true I knew there was more behind it the was fear lit up in my parents eyes when he was mentioned that fear didn’t come from a bad dream. I have few strengths and many weaknesses I don’t like to talk about them though I will say I am ashamed of how I’ve acted and what I’ve done and I wish I could go back and do everything again. Before starting at Hogwarts I asked my parents for a pet owl they told me I was not to have such a common animal and that it would be a disgrace to the family, instead I got a black rag doll kitten. He’s called Freddie and I love him he listens to my rants and he doesn’t shout at me or cheer me on for doing horrible things he just listens and distracts me from life.

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