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Basic Information

Full name: Lucille Larissa Layton

Nickname: Lucy

Gender: Female 

Birthday: 12th December

Nationality: White British

Blood status: Both of her parents are magical, although her father is a muggle-born wizard. 

Wand: Ash Wood with Unicorn Hair core. It is 10” long and has solid flexibility



Hair colour: Lucy has hair that almost seems white in the sunlight.

Hair style: Shoulder length, with shorter pieces framing her face. Her hair can seem a bit unruly sometimes, especially when she is stressed during exam period. 

Eye colour: Lucy’s eyes are a clear sapphire blue colour.

Skin tone: Her skin is very pale, especially in the winter months.

Height: Lucy stands at around 5ft 3 inches. 

Clothing style: Lucy dresses like a 6 year old who has been allowed to pick out her own clothes for the first time. She is attracted to bright colours, and dresses more for comfort than style. Her favourite article of clothing is her jeans, which she has embroidered stars and planets on herself. 

Accessories: Lucy is never seen without her necklace, which has a small crystal pendant on it which looks like the planet Neptune. 



Traits: generous, exceedingly loyal, loving, sincere, patient, fair, optimistic, adventurous, indecisive, reliable, lively

Likes: ice cream, spending time with friends/family, helping others, music, school, rain

Dislikes: ignorance, discrimination, injustice, insects, surprises

Hobbies: Knitting, Reading, Singing, Being Loud, Helping Others

Fears: Spiders, Failure, Losing Loved Ones, The Unknown, Change

Ambition: To make a change.



Father: Muggle-Born Wizard named Matthew Campbell. A skilled potioneer, who is devoted to his wife and only child, Lucy. 

Mother: Pure Blood witch, Sapphire Selwyn. She is from one of the families of the Sacred 28, although she would never bring it up unless you asked.  

Paternal grandparents: Valerie and Colin Campbell. The two sweetest people you could ever find, the exact epitome of everything grandparent should be. 

Maternal grandparents: Lucy does not see her maternal grandparents as they disowned their daughter when she married a muggle born.

Family home: Lucy’s family home is in the north of England, and is a cheery cottage in the middle of the countryside. It has a very homely feel to it, and everyone who enters is immediately welcomed into the family. 


Individual magic

Boggart: To be discovered...

Patronus: To be discovered...

Animagus: To be discovered...

Amortentia: To be discovered ...



Lucy had always known she would go to Hogwarts, that much was an absolute fact. Growing up, the cottage was always full of magic and joy; with a famous astronomer as a mother and one of the ministry’s finest potioneers as a father it was bound to be. Lucy has had an extremely fortunate childhood, with enough love to last a lifetime. There is no greater joy than spreading the love and kindness she has been given to those that need it, Lucy had always believed. Some of Lucy’s favourite memories include collecting potion ingredients with her father and gazing at the stars with her mother, as well as spending time as a family racing around on brooms and having family dance parties. 



First year

Astronomy - 94% (O)

Charms - 95% (O)

Defense Against the Dark Arts - 97% (O)

Herbology - 95% (O)

History of Magic - 96% (O)

Potions - 98% (O)

Transfiguration - 99% (O)

Second Year

Alchemy - 100% (O)

Ancient Runes - Awaiting Grades

Astronomy - 99% (O)

Care of Magical Creatures - 100% (O)

Charms - 96% (O)

Defense Against the Dark Arts - 94% (O)

Divination - In Progress

Herbology - In Progress

History of Magic - In Progress

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