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"Everyone has the potential to become successful. Anyone who says otherwise is doing themselves and their family a disservice" - Chris Pendragon.

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Greetings to both magical and non-magical people alike. My name is Christopher Pendragon. Yes, I am the living descendant of the legendary King Arthur Pendragon who was famous for the Knights of the Round Table. My father, Sir Alexander Pendragon, was very influential and successful in his career. He started out as one of the most famous and powerful Auror known in the Ministry. He became more famous after he was knighted by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. He was then quickly promoted to become Head of Auror Office and later to Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. My mother, Elizabeth Pendragon, took a different path than my father. She started as a gifted Quidditch player taking the position of Chaser of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Seeing amazing potential in her, Madame Hooch recommended her to the English Under-17 Quidditch Team when she was only 13. She led the team to Nationals every year and won. After graduating from Hogwarts, She was selected into the English National Quidditch Team as its youngest player. She later retired and became the coach for that team after she married my father and gave birth to me.

I was fortunate to get the good qualities of both my parents. I inherited the wonderful powers of Legilimency, but unlike most, I was able to expand to much broader versions that Muggles like to call telepathy. I was also gifted in the art of Flying. I accidentally flew on my mother's broom when I was 4 which scared my mother to death. I also was taught how to close my mind to others by my father and became a formidable Occlumens. Fortunately, I was taught in treating all people with respect. It didn't matter what blood status the others were, they were to be treated with respect. I also had 3 younger siblings. Catherine was 2 years younger than me while Margret was 4. My brother, Tobias is 7 years younger than me. They were all amazing and I love them with all my heart.

The time came for me to go to Hogwarts. What was surprising was how everyone knew me so well. What was more surprising was how even Muggleborns knew who I was. To say that I was surprised was quite an understatement. I wasn't able to get all of my stuff for school without people crowding around me. The train ride was worse. I was surrounded by hoards of students both old and new wanting to shake my hand or giving them autographs. Fortunately, they did respect my space afterwards. The sorting ceremony was definitely a lifetime experience. My family, especially my father's side, were all in Gryffindor, but surprisingly, the hat took longer to sort me.

"Ah difficult, very difficult. A Pendragon no doubt. Plenty of Gryffindors from this family, but you show several strong characteristics: Very intelligent, not to mention loyal, such bravery and chivalry, but at the same time, lots of ambition and resourcefulness. The choice is up to you my boy. Any of the houses will serve you well. Oh? You wish to follow the family tradition do you? You wish to live up to your family name and be praised for all of your hard works is that right? Very well then, young Pendragon. GRYFFINDOR!!!"

The entire Great Hall exploded in cheers and endless rounds of applause as Chris proudly made his way to the Gryffindor Table. He then stared at the Professors and saw that they were raising their cups as a toast in my honor.

Basic Facts about me:

Physical Description: fair skin, sparkling blue eyes, light brown hair, tall, very athletic build
Interests: Quidditch, Romance, and Alchemy
Favorite Subjects: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Transfiguration
Least Favorite Subjects: Ancient Runes and Divinations
Patronus: Lion
Animagus: not yet
House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 6'1"
Friends: none at the moment
Wand: Redwood, Phoenix Feather, 12 inches
Boggart: Dementor
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