Akraagush Nezo Basilisk

Student/ Death Eater/ Seeker

  • Joined June 2019
  • Member of Slytherin
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  • 1st Year
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My full name is Akraagush Nezo Basilisk XVIII. I'm a pure-blood; and I live with my widowed mother, and my two brothers and two sister, and my dog Ng, and my snake Seqi. My mother is a basilisk.

Wand: 13.5 inches, flexible, snake design; Oak with Yew handle and Basilisk horn core.
Abilities: I can do all three unforgivable curses, I'm good at Astronomy and Potions, and I'm a Parselmouth.
Occupations: Student, Death Eater.
Likes: Muggle video and card games, cars, food, snakes, maps, cats, guinea pigs, and comics.
Dislikes: Blood traitors, Mudbloods, Potter family (excluding Severus Albus), Weasley-Granger family, and the Dursley family
I am the son of Voldemort.
Patronus: Basilisk
Animagus: White or Green Viper (Nagini, I can control it 65% of the time.)
Boggart: Death
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