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As a child, my parents always shut down any idea of dreams, Magic, or fantasy. The second I received my letter in the mail I was shocked. My parents were in disbelief and refused to send me to Hogwarts. But finally I convinced them, but they were never supportive of me. They forced me to sleep in a closet and I only ate 2 meals a day, SMALL meals, mind you... They even acted like I didn’t exist when friends or family came over! They made up a story about how I had died last year... When I got to Hogwarts this all changed. I was sorted into Gryffindor after the Sorting Hat finally decided that over Hufflepuff. I was also exceptionally good at Quidditch and made the team my first year (and years after) as seeker! I enjoy learning most subjects, but am least fond of Divination (sorry not sorry)! As you can probably guess, I am a Muggle-Born... or a Mudblood as most called it during... Voldemort’s... time. When he rose to power I left home and hid throughout the wild changing locations every other day. They knew who I was and were not afraid to continue a search for me! One day, they found me and captured me, and instead of sentencing me to death... they tortured me... which in my opinion, was much worse at the time... it was the worst thing I have ever done experienced. They used me as a demonstration to threaten other Muggle-Born and blood traitors before killing them off. I was practically dead before a few weeks before the War. A group of students came to rescue me and we escaped the are on a Hippogriff.. I fought in the war, and did considerable damage alone. And this brings me to now... After my time at school I plan to become an Auror or a Professor, and maybe even Minister someday, as I especially love DADA! I have a Pygmy puff, Sherbet, and a Barn Owl, Leo.
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