Jeffrey Raven

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I'm a shopkeeper located on one of the side streets in Hogsmeade. I've been open for business for over 20 years, but you probably haven't heard of me unless you have run astray. I like collecting novelty items. The problem is that even though I'm a shopkeeper I like collecting more than I do selling. The name of my shop is called SILLY's which stands for Stuff I Like Like You. It was hard coming up with a name that was fitting. I thought about Jeffrey's Junk, but it really isn't junk, at least not to me. I also thought about Raven's Relics, but it's not high priced stuff. Some items I come across in my travels and other items I thought of myself like self re-filling salt and pepper shakers and sugar bowls. One of my best sellers is a line of revelio cookware. You ask someone if they will prepare one of their favorite dishes for you, but have them use one of my cookware pieces. For instance, your Aunt Petulus has a stew that everyone raves about, but, she won't let anyone in on her secret ingredients. You bring the stew home in one of my pots and a simple incantation reveals not only the ingredients in their exact proportions, but also if any special "tricks" were used in the preparation such as preheating with dragon fire. Stop by my shop and chat sometime. I love getting to know people and I love learning about new things. Everyone has a story to share. Hope to see you soon. I do give out Cauldron Credits (you know, those stickers you get for shopping in Hogsmeade and then after you accumulate a booklet of stickers you can apply them to merchandise or Hogwart's Express tickets.)
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