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My name is Nyla Jerica Dame, a pureblood Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. I enjoy studying and writing!

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My name is Nyla Jerica Dame, a pureblood Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Before my letter arrived, I was taught the simple needs of being a child, as well as about our identities as witches, by my mother, Clarise Dame, who often worked in our home. When I first received my Hogwarts letter from a tiny screech owl at eleven years old, I was quite elated and anticipating the arrival of the letter. My twin sister, Myra Dame, had also gotten her letter on the same day, with the vibrant red stamp and all, and had immediately begged our parents to take us to Diagon Alley for supplies. Since my father, Julius Dame, works as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic, he had many spellbooks and documents of parchment all about spellcasting. I sometimes liked to steal his wand when he wasn't using it and sit in my closet practicing spells for hours on end! Through my studies, I had grown a large interest in Charms and Astronomy and found it entertaining to learn about. I wasn't very sociable and liked to keep to myself most of the time.
When I had arrived at Hogwarts and the Sorting Hat was put upon my head, he sorted me into Ravenclaw. It seemed like an immediate decision, for he said it only three seconds after he'd been placed on my head, and I think I was put into Ravenclaw because of my love of knowledge and having a flair for creativity. Myra was sorted into Hufflepuff, however, which came as a small surprise to me due to her aspiration to be in Gryffindor. The classes that I enjoyed most were...well...all of them! I guess if I had to choose two, it would most definitely be Astronomy and Defense Against the Dark Arts! Though, I didn't particularly enjoy Potions or Flying. Flying was much too boisterous for my taste, and Potions has too many instructions and not enough activity to keep me fully interested. I think I do well in every class in general, but the ones that are mediocre for me is Herbology and Transfiguration.
Being a pureblood, I wasn't picked around on by the Slytherins as much as everyone else was. Actually, the Ravenclaws and Slytherins, at the time, shared a closer relationship than any of the other houses, which I predict is because of their similar traits. Myra was very popular through each year, always seen with a group of giggling friends or on a bench with a new boyfriend (it was oddly a new one every time!) kissing. For me, love was the last thing on my list- I just wanted to keep my head into my studies and not worry about finding a boy to look after me. Of course, this doesn't include the various crushes I've had: Mike, Steven, and most importantly, Spade. They did manage to cramp up my concentration more than once, and since Spade is also a Ravenclaw, it didn't benefit me in studying for exams. No, really, you should have seen my O.W.L. results in my 6th year! My favorite place to study would probably have to be the Astronomy Tower. It's so tranquil and peaceful up there, and when it's night, I like bringing a small lantern and my books while I enjoy the atmosphere near the moon and the stars. Nobody is usually present whenever I arrive, so it's the perfect place!
My greatest strength is my wisdom as well as my versatility. I am knowledgeable in many different subjects and always manage to help others out of tight situations. My greatest weakness is sometimes my anxiety, as well as as...okay, I'll say it...boys! My heart and my mind are two very separate entities, and my heart sways away my concentration whenever one is around! I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, but they still tend to be distractions. Once I get out of school, I would like to work for the Ministry, most certainly, and help out the Wizarding World from any trouble. I've wanted to follow in my father's footsteps ever since I was a little girl, and I enjoy doing research on Aurors and the real purposes of what they do help others. I want to use my magic to help the community, even if it means risking my own life to do so. Although, I guess life-risking adventures won't be in the picture for a while...I still need to finish my studies at Hogwarts!
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