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too gay to function.

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<font color=lightpink><font face="couriernew"> <center><font size=6>the basics.</size></center>

<font size=3><font color=gray>name: grace black
house: slytherin
patronus: wood mouse
wand: redwood, dragon heartstring core, 13 & ¼", quite bendy flexibility
year: seven
father: sirius black
mother: lorelai edgewater-weasley
stepfather: charles weasley
brother: william weasley
appearance: short pink hair with bangs, 5'9, blue-gray eyes, fair skin, rosy cheeks, freckles, nose ring
birthday: september 5th
age: eighteen
sexuality: lesbian</size>

<font color=lightpink><center><font size=6>my full backstory.</size></center>

<font size=3><font color=gray>I had always been aware of my magical abilities, even when I was a young child. The daughter of a pureblood line, the wizarding world was not kept a secret from me. However, my existence was kept a secret from my father. My mother had always told me that my dad had been caught up in some trouble and left it at that. When I was two years old, my mother married her current husband, Charlie, and gave birth to my little redheaded brother, William. I kept my father's last name in hopes of meeting him one day, only to find out in later years that he had died before I ever got the chance.

As I grew, I became more and more fascinated with creatures, magical and non-magical alike. I spent a majority of my free time researching and observing the little beings, even racking up a plentiful amount of little critters as pets over the years. One of these pets being my current little beast, Oliver the black cat.

When the time came for me to ship off to Hogwarts and participate in my sorting ceremony, I was placed in Slytherin house. This came as a shock to most since I wouldn't seem the type on the outside, my candy floss hair and blue eyes full of empathy having me confused with that of a typical Hufflepuff. However, don't let my soft features fool you. I am extremely cunning and exceptional at getting what I want.

Two years later, my younger brother was sorted into Ravenclaw. Since then, Will and I have become inseparable during library hours, researching everything from Augureys to zit removal spells.

When it soon becomes time for me to leave Hogwarts behind, I will choose the path of magical creature preservation and education, hoping to work more closely with beasts and educate wizards on the care and importance of these wonderful beings.</size>

<font color=lightpink><center><font size=6>william & oliver.</size></center>

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