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<center><font face="couriernew"></center>
<center>|| Ami Charity Procoppio ||</center>
<center>|| birthday -- Feb 15, 2006 ||</center>
<center>|| age -- thirteen ||</center>
<center>|| house -- Ravenclaw |</center>
<center>|| school year -- First year ||</center>
<center>|| species -- human ||</center>
<center>|| blood status -- half-blood ||</center>
<center>|| gender -- female, cisgender ||</center>
<center>|| patronus -- yeet nah bro ||</center>
<center>|| amortentia -- rain and coffee ||</center>
<center>|| boggart -- dead family ||</center>
<center>|| thestrals? -- nopity nope ||</center>
<center>A wildly messy mane that seems to be made entirely of flames perches atop her head like a crown. Pale skin dotted with thousands of freckles, sprinkled with scars, and mottled with burns is hidden underneath rumpled clothes and robes, and long, thin feet are shoved into heavy Doc Martens. When not in uniform, she could easily be mistaken as a part of motorcycle gang, choosing black leather and ripped clothes over pastel dresses and cardigans. Chocolate eyes and a tilted smile can easily be seen across a room, and long, limber fingers can commonly be found dancing across black and white piano keys.</center>
<center>height: 5’5.75” weight: 86 lbs
scars: 19 on arms, 9 on hands, 4 on knees
causes: tba burns: entire back & neck
causes: [x]
piercings: ear lobes</center>
<center>Although she was born in London, Ami spent a vast majority of her childhood on the edge of urban Chicago, Illinois. As a result of her reluctant move back to London, she kept her American accent and sis, you know she kept all of that slang. Even amidst a sea of British accents, her distinct Midwestern accent and strange ways of speaking make her stand out more than she already does. Or, you know, if that’s not good enough for you, she also sounds an awful lot like Kristen Bell.

English is her native language, but she also speaks Spanish semi-fluently, courtesy of her close friendship with Thomas Llamas, as his moms were both from Mexico. Her accent is American and distinctly not Southern, New Yorker, Bostonian, Californian, or Floridian.</center>
<center>A habitual and avid coffee drinker, Ami tends to be followed by a constant haze of coffee wherever she goes, either drifting out of her mug or from the stains in her clothing. A lavender-y smell is also always present, and comes from all of the toiletries provided by Ravenclaw. Damn all of their goodness and Tumblr-ness.</center>
<center>Ami is rather quiet and cold at first, but you’ll find that she can open herself up pretty easily once you get to know her. Fiery and passionate in everything she does, there’s no such thing as ‘too much fun’ for someone like her. Rebellious and outgoing, she is the very definition of an extrovert and thrives off of people, no matter how much she says she hates society. However, she isn’t so much of a leader as she is an instigator, loving to be in the center of attention. She still looks down on herself a lot, believing that she’ll never be enough for her parents, or strong enough to meet standards that were never properly set or defined.
skills: piano, guitar, cello, music theory, martial arts hobbies: not doing homework, skateboarding
medical: vegan, sleep insomnia, ADHD inspo: Elio Perlman, Haymitch Abernathy<center>
<center>|| length -- 30.8 cm || wood -- chestnut || core -- wampus cat hair || flexibility -- slightly bendy || type -- a duelist’s wand</center>
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