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Name: Oleane Violet O'Connor
Age: 15
Parents: Amaya and Rupert O'Connor
Siblings: Kaito O'Connor
Relationship: Single.
Pet: Fluffy fat white cat, Sapphire
Patronus: Gray squirrel
Wand: Cedar wood with a Dragon heartstring core 12 ¾" and Reasonably Supple flexibility
Favourite Class: Potions
Special Skills: Martial Arts
Appearance: Albino with deep blue eyes, side swept bangs and two thick braids over the shoulders.


Oleane lives in Budapest with her parents and six year old younger brother Kaito, she was born an Albino. Her mom Amaya came from Japan to London where she met Rupert and after the two got married they moved to Budapest, when Oleane received her letter from Hogwarts she was curious as to what house she would be put into, because her father had been a Slytherin and her mother was a Muggle with a very different personality then her father which Oleane took more after.

On the Hogwarts Express Oleane had a feeling she would be put in Huffelpuff but was surprised when the Sorting Hat shouted loud and clear to the whole school "GRYFFINDOR!!" Which to Oleane, was her last choice on the list of houses she could be put in.
All the Gryffindors cheered as Oleane walked over to their table but she did not feel like she fit in very well. She was the only Albino and a good portion of the other kids stared at her during the Sorting ceremony but didn't say anything.

And though nobody seemed to acknowledge or care about that fact about her, she knew she would never really fit in, so she didn't try too hard to make friends and found a fond liking to Potions which she could be found studying about and making most of the time.

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