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꒰ ✞ ꒱ ⋮ family history!. ˎˊ˗
The Séverin's are a long line of French purebloods who immigrated to England in the 1980s. Most generations before Alexx and her mother's siblings are Beauxbatons alumni. When Jeannine and Franck found themselves in England, supporting the Dark Lord, it was also in that time that Vivienne and her siblings were getting their Hogwarts letters, as they were now legal citiczens of England. The Séverin's are a very traditional and conservative pureblood family. They believe that they have the upper hand in the world based on their inherited magical abilities, therefore making them want to work to conserve the pureblood family line, knowing that their kind is dying out. This ideology, however, has mostly died out with the last two generations of the Séverin family.
꒰ εïз ꒱ ⋮ appearance. ˎˊ˗
For a girl of Alexx's demeanor, she certainly looks the way that she acts. Small and rage-driven, you would not be surprised that Alexx is capable of looking the part. While her Lovely Creature ability certainly plays a major role, making Alexx naturally beautiful, there is something else that leaves those around her wondering how it was that she was so perfectly constructed. Alexx stands at 4'11", rather short for a girl at the age of 13. She has long blonde hair that reaches to the middle of her back, and is usually kept straight yet voluminous, or can otherwise be seen in a ponytail. Her nose is small and upturned, pointing straight for the sky in a cute manner. This can cause her to appear even more stuck up in the moments in which her head is held higher than normal. Gold hoop earrings that Alexx had acquired a taste for at the age of 12 dangle from her ears, bouncing in perfect time with her hair as she strides the halls. When not in uniform, Alexx can often be found in skirts and blouses. Gold jewelry is her go-to, as she has been told that it makes her eyes pop. Her eyes are a piercing blue; a shade that could make le mere envious. Her skintone is a striking pale shade, blinding those who stare for too long. She could almost be mistaken for a Dhampire if she were just a shade or two lighter, but alas, Alexx remains a normal human. She is thin and boney, but still manages to look athletic, much due to her time playing Quidditch. Her cheeks have begun to hollow in as she ages, and her jawline is becoming more defined. Should you look closely, you will see that her eyes are very sunken in. In a way, Alexx looks like a walking skeleton. As scary as she is, she is also capable of having a soft complexion. Her smile is composed of perfect teeth and glossy lips, accompanied by a set of dimples that will poke out if she is happy enough. Her thin eyebrows will raise, and crinkles form at the ends of her eyes.
꒰ ʚ♡ɞ ꒱ ⋮ personality. ˎˊ˗
Bold and brash, Alexx has developed over the years as anyone would. Once, the girl was quiet, afraid, and naive. But now she stands tall and proud, eager to make her impression on the world. Alexx's attitude is composed as any true Slytherin's would be; she is ambitious, raw, demanding, and resourceful. She presents herself as is, yet not at all simultaneously. A paradox of a girl, layer after layer reveals a new side. The bear bones are someone insecure, unsure, and who simply wants to do the best that she can do. Someone driven by a legacy that should never fall into the hands of a child, and yet moved by the need for change. Forever dragging a ruined surname behind her, Alexx carries on as if she is trying to prove to the world that she is better than they are. Her hard shell, or her outer layer, is one of pride and ambition. She presents her drive, but masks her reasons. It is more about how she does it as opposed to why. How? By any means necessary. Quick witted and intelligent, Alexx is wired with the brains of a Ravenclaw but the attitude of a Slytherin. Her goals surpass the stars in height, yet she faces them as if they are as reachable as any other. Alexx leads by nature. She discovered in her 10 months as a Prefect that she has a natural pull towards authority positions. She is inclined to do what is right and justified, serving the world as deemed necessary. Being aware of this talent, Alexx has a knack for throwing herself into such positions. But with such strong qualities come the negative ones. Alexx has an ego the size of the sun. Anyone with insecurity that is equally as large needs to. She presents herself as if she is better than anyone in the room, because that is who she wants to be. Possessiveness and domination is also something that courses through her veins. Always fearing loss, Alexx pushes to keep those she holds close around. She is strong-willed with the best intentions, but hasn't correctly discovered how to control those emotions.

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