Athena Morgan


"It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends."

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Athena is rather small for her age and isn’t supposed to grow anymore which concerns her father to no end. She has very long brunette hair that goes down to her waist. Her eyes were calm and always had a sparkle in them, but if you were rude to her then they suddenly became cold and harsh. She is rather bubbly and friendly so she is always smiling. Her smile is kind and gentle. She is very good at making sure that people are okay.

Athena was born on the in August to James Morgan, a pureblood, and Selene Morgan, a muggle. She has six older siblings, the oldest of which is now 23. The youngest is a fifth year Gryffindor currently. She lives just outside of London with her siblings, her father, and her stepmum, Isabelle Moore. Her mother was a muggle who passed away when Athena turned eight from cancer. Athena and her siblings were devastated and so was her father. He started working more than he had previously to keep himself busy and met Athena’s stepmum at work. They started dating later that year and got married when Athena was ten.

Athena’s mother always encouraged her to dance and sing so she threw herself into her lessons. Her father wasn’t so certain about the lessons but he knew they made his wife and daughter happy so he let them continue. One of Athena’s few memories of her mother include the two dancing around their living room while Athena is wearing a tutu that had been gifted to her. She grew up wanting to be a ballerina. Her siblings always teased her about it, and though her father never said anything to her, he was disappointed that she didn’t want a magical career. When Athena’s mother died, she was unable to dance for two months as dancing was too strong of a reminder for her. When she finally danced again, she felt her mother’s spirit with her and has danced every day since then to keep feeling it. A few months after the death of her mother, her father began dating her stepmum. Athena originally felt that he had betrayed her mum and wouldn’t speak to either of them. After having a heart to heart with her now stepmum, she came around. The two now get along very well and Athena thinks of her as her second mother.

Athena first showed signs of accidental magic at age six. Her sibling, then 14, had decided to take her up on their broom. She had clutched onto them tightly but she had still managed to fall off. Rather than falling straight to the ground, she floated slowly down and landed gently into a pile of leaves. Her parents were very happy that she had shown signs of magic but were mad at her sibling for endangering her. After that, her parents only let her siblings take her up if they were watching and she forced them to take her as much as possible.

Although she knew she was a witch and so did the rest of her family, Athena had irrational fears that she wouldn’t be receiving her letter. One of her biggest fears is that she’s alone and so she was scared she would be the only one in her family to not go to Hogwarts. She also had the fear that she wouldn’t be in Gryffindor like her siblings. They had always teased her that she would be in Hufflepuff because she wasn’t brave enough to go into Gryffindor like them. Her father and stepmum had always stood up for her but she was still afraid.

Now that Athena is at Hogwarts, she’s excited that she made it into Gryffindor and is looking forward to the classes and making new friends. She can’t wait for her classes to start and she’s very excited to, hopefully, play Quidditch on the house team. She really wants to be a student that her house can be proud of.

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