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hey there! the name's septima, but my friends call me tee.

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hogwarts house: slytherin
ilvermorny house: pukwudgie
wand: hawthorn wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¾" and hard flexibility
patronus: mink

hi! i'm a first-year slytherin student (but fifth-year everywhere else). coming from a family of gryffindors, i was not expecting to be sorted into slytherin house - at a push, i thought i might've been a ravenclaw. needless to say, it was difficult to identify with a house with such a bad reputation, that even my family had scorned for years. but eventually i realised that slytherin is not about learning dark magic and idolising he-who-must-not-be-named; rather, it's about ambition and passion, and doing everything you can to be the best version of yourself. i'm also fiercely loyal (something that has gotten me into a few sticky situations), and often very stubborn. here in slytherin, i know i can be accepted for both my faults and my strengths.

you can usually find me in the library with my friends from different houses, making far too much noise and managing to get food on half the volumes in there. often, on weekends, i'll be in the common room with my slytherin friends, watching star wars or indiana jones - one thing i share with my gryffindor family is a love of heroics, whether they are real or fictitious...
my patronus is a mink, which, although rather obscure, i feel suits me somehow. i have a pet, too, a siamese cat called louisa that has a slight superiority complex.
i hope to see you around!
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