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Egyptian Princess/ Magical CE

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(Dragonologist) Dragons are among the most dangerous and magical of creatures in the world, wizarding or otherwise. I was first intrigued by them when I was standing in Gregorovich’s wand shop and he handed me a wand made of Hornbeam and Dragon Heartstring. We took an immediate liking to each other, and it has been my friend ever since. She has saved my life more than once, that’s for sure! Dragons come in a variety of temperaments, and while they can be persuaded to tolerate a Witch or Wizard’s presence, their mood can be quite the fickle thing. I came pretty close to being toasted once, but my partner warned me just in time and I was able to apparate away. Splinched a fingernail too, but compared to what I’ve seen that’s nothing. I love being what i am today but yet my family i lost them even my own sister i was never the loved in the family but Ryn was so i tried to ruin things for her but i went to far with her relationship even while she is pregnant and i feel terrible about what i have done in my life i want to make things better than before i am a teacher here at Hogwarts i am here to help people and help learn about the Magical Creatures in the world and teach every student here at Hogwarts to think before you act because Actions have Consequences and what i did to my sister was wrong i didn't think before i acted and i messed up but i got to talk to her fiance and there back together but i should of never done what i did so i became a a teacher here at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry but now that im a teacher i have to help students and not act childish and do childish things because i am a grown women.

Name : Evelyn O'Connell

Age : 19

Relationship : Taken by Anti Holt

Blood status : Pure blood

Patronus : Dragon

Likes :
Summers time
Romance movies

Dislikes :
Winter time
Classes :History of magic , Muggle studies
Action moves / Horror movies

Color: Blue
Movie series : Princess diary's
Tv series : Vampire diary's
Food: Pizza

My life has been amazing since i became a teacher on Magical creatures But my past life is not so great Nefertiti is my Egyptian Princess name and im proud of what i am but being this i would get visions of my past life and i like being who i am.

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