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just your usual little bean dwelling on her past, hidden in the dark folds of the universe. how'd you come upon my vengeful soul?

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"So baby cry, cry, cry"
hey there!! i'm kat, just your usual smol bean living in a tiny corner of a universe.\
chinese canadian
taken uwu
"Hold my hand and don't let go"

"Hush or the monsters will hear you"
Adalius. Nice to meet you.
I am very much a male, and very much gay, thank you.
Sixth year at Hogwarts. Hufflepuff.
"I am but my own demon"

Adalius's Backstory-- 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger' were the last words uttered by my disgraceful father before I murdered him. He looked at me with an eyeful of scorn and anger, and I have remembered them since. I was sorted into Hufflepuff--even though I protested, stating that I should be a Slytherin. I am known for my ruthlessness and my distinction from the rest of the Hufflepuffs. I excel rather well--or I pride myself on being able to--in my studies, handing in assignments on time just perfectly fine. I collaborate quite horribly, there is nothing else to say. I love being outdoors and CoMC, no matter who it is taught by, I adore. There are others, for example, Transfiguration I quite adore, and it is which in advanced healing...? That is a class I can truly admire. Astronomy is another one. Any that is not tied down to facts (HoM and Ancient Runes) I quite like.
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