April Inkwell


“Oh, muggles? Do not get me started on those retards. Me and my family are just waiting for Voldemort to kill them already!” ~April Inkwell

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Hello there, Fellow noble pure-bloods. I am April Inkwell. Yes, I am in fact the youngest daughter of the graceful and ancient house of Inkwell. I was ironically born in April, hence my name, on a rainy day on the tenth. I have eleven siblings, My oldest brother Vince already a year out of graduation. My parents work for the Ministry Of Magic in the Department Of Mysteries. Us Inkwells look down upon the filthy mudbloods and.. ugh.. MUGGLES. They are scum that need to be treated as they are! I was sorted into Slytherin as expected, and sat down pridefully at my home table. My siblings applauded me and patted me on the back awkwardly. Don’t get me wrong- I love my brothers and sisters. They just are clumsy and unmanageable most of the time. My parents are proud of all of us and love us equally. Of course, they aren’t death eaters or helpers of Voldemort, but they think he has the right idea. I mean, Muggles, Mudbloods and Half-bloods wiped out- It is an amazing thought. Grindlewald failed miserably, so Voldemort should give it a shot. Oh, the light? Well, we aren’t fans of them, but we aren’t enemies or anything. Reagan Willow? Do not get me started on that mudblood! (I love chu, gurl. ;-;)
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Icy blue
Skin: Pale
Extra features: Elfish ears and a small amount of freckles
Height: 5’11
Body: A bit curvy, pretty skinny
Clothes: Normal Slytherin female shoes with black slides and white stockings
Interests: Reading, Potions, Writing and Tormenting Mudbloods
Fears: Tight spaces, heights
Friends: None right now
Favorite subjects: Potions, DADA, Transfiguration
Least favorite subjects: Muggle Studies, History Of Magic, Divination
Relationship status: Single
Boggart: My family dead
OOC: Don’t be scared to ask me to roleplay, and i’m a really nice person out of character. :)
OOOC: I do not own my profile pic or profile cover
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