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I am a person who's on here out o boredom. I may get nervous, that's normal. I hope I can make any rps we may or may do together interesting as I can.

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I'm a half-blood, mother being the witch and father being the muggle. My mother told her husband about what she was at their honeymoon, my father wasn't sure how to react, being completely convinced that magic and anything of that like was a myth. Though, when my mother proved it to be true, fortunately, my father stayed nonetheless. Later, a couple years after my birth, she died of an unknown cause, at least not that I'm aware of, leaving me to be raised by my father. He later remarried when I was 9, he married a muggle who had a muggle daughter who was 5 years older than me. There's nothing really special about my life, other than I'm a wizard, but I guess that isn't really special either. My father wasn't certain on whether I'd be a wizard or not, since he was a muggle and my mother was a witch, but he told me what it generally was before I got the letter, then he filled me in on all he knows about Hogwarts and the world of magic. My stepmother's reaction doesn't matter (unknown info may be obtained through rp)
I hold a lot of my stuff in a bag I usually carry around.
My father: Howard Buckingham
Stepmother: Diane Buckingham
Stepsister: Adelaide Buckingham
Cat- A pure black cat with yellow green eyes named Lucky
If you are wondering why Alex and his father don't have the same last name, it's because Bergmann was his mother's last name, and she refused to give Alex a different one, and she also refused to change her last name even in marriage.

I love most animals and creatures, as well as plants. I'm interested in learning about how to use magic in daily life and how to use magic to help others. I also like reading, I'm also interested in learning about my mother's people, or ours, since we both are a part of the world of magic (kind of). Oh yeah, I like birds.

Alex hopes to get taller eventually, occasionally checking his height. (The truth though, is that if he does grow taller, it will be unnoticeable most of the time, because he will always be short.) He height varies with age, his maximum height is 5.4 feet.
Alex often doesn't have enough confidence to speak up for himself, but sometimes he does.
He very curious, and may ask a lot of questions about a person(like you) if they'd let him, but might accidentally ask rather offensive or touchy questions without meaning to.
he rather not talk about himself, and it might be better to just see what he says when he does.
He often likes to think everyone has some good in them, which makes him a bit trusting in people. He also may refuse to think somebody that he cares about is not a good person, or done something to wrong him or someone else. Often, when somebody he cares about dies, he may refuse to believe it. In other words he's stubborn in a way. (A bit naive)
When Alex is upset he often tries to forget it and pretend everything's okay even if it's unhealthy, and depending on how close you are(or someone) is to him, he may talk to you about it if you do but he can also run away and avoid you if you try to get him to talk.

I'm okay with most types rps, though if you wanna rp with me, you'll have to ask, at least most of the time, because on the rare occasion that I do ask anyone I get super nervous, so yeah. I'd also prefer if you'd spelled correctly, (as in don't use "ur" "u" "y", etc to replace words like "you" "your" "you're" "why" "are", etc) (unless it's "rp", then it's fine.) and try not to spell word incorrectly (but that doesn't matter as much as the other thing)if it was a mistake, I won't bother correcting you, but I may ask about it if I don't understand what you were trying to say. I also will try no to rp with more than one person at a time, (but I may make exceptions) I'm not sure if any does this, but I don't care much about whether other will participate in more than one roleplays at once, it's not really my business (unless it is, which is probably never). So if you realize you misspelled something, you don't have to correct it (unless you want to), unless it makes what you're saying hard to understand (but unless I ask questions I won't bother with how you spell things, though if you do use words like "u" or etc for "you" or etc, I might not want to roleplay with you as much as I would others).
Please don't make your character(s) godlike in anyway when roleplaying with me. Sometimes I may accept to roleplay with people who made their character related to canon characters, it's not completely bad, but I'd prefer if the person that I am roleplaying with had a character that they made who isn't related to any canon characters. (but I'm more likely to rp with someone who's character(s) is a relative that's not a canon character's child, sibling, or love interest than someone's whose character(s) are.) other than their child or a sibling.) Werewolves, animagus, and other stuff like that are alright, it's something I could enjoy or tolerate.

I usually get tired by 9:30pm to 10:30pm, so I try to end any roleplays by 11:00pm at most, and I won't start or join roleplays after 9:30pm or 10:00pm.

That's probably all you need to know about Alex

-------(Edan Robertson- a character I will play if it is needed. Basic information - Male, how friendly he is depends on his mood and what time it is, quick tempered, skeptical, and a pessimist. Ravenclaw. he has a bit of a Scottish accent. He has a weakness for anything he finds cute. His family is a mix of almost everything. How he met Alex: One day, Alex did not get enough sleep and bumped into Edan, making him fall. Edan was about to yell at him but he found Alex small and adorable so they just had a friendly conversation.*Alex did not approve of this reason to not yell at him, but it's better than being yelled at*) Edan has auburn hair, pale skin, and freckles, and his eyes are a pale blue.
----- --(Honora Edwards - also a character I'll play if needed. Basic information - friendly(sometimes), stubborn, prideful, brave, a optimist, and often arrogant. She ended up in Hufflepuff although everyone's convinced she was misplaced and should've been placed in Gryffindor. Her mother is a witch, while her father was a squib. She acts unfriendly to Gryffindors most of the time, but it's mostly out of jealously. How she met Alex: she was about to scold Edan when she met him, he greeted her and they did introductions and then Honora continued to scold Edan.) Honora usually has dyed blonde hair, with dark brown at her roots, her eyes are green, and her skin is tanned. Honora in the first and second year will have dark brown hair. Note: these characters are still being fleshed out, so if there's more things to note I'll add more, and fix any mistakes.

Well, that's it, have a lovely day.
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