☩ Máire Ó Lochlainn ☩

❝ When men meet foes in fight, better is stout heart than sharp sword ~Volsunga, c.19❞

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"Gold is little comfort for the kinsman dead"
~Örvar Odd’s Saga, c.11

☩ Basics ☩

⊙ Name (& pronunciation): Máire Ó Lochlainn [My-re Ó Lock-lehyn]
⊙ Age: 19
⊙ Zodiac: Leo
⊙ Accent: Thick Norse-Gael (Irish) accent
⊙ Date of Birth: August 2nd, 873 AD
⊙ Place of Birth: Northern Uí Néill of Ire
⊙ Gender: Female
⊙ Current year: c.High Middle Ages
⊙ Dynasty: Uí Ímair
⊙ Sexual orientation: Closeted bisexual
⊙ Ethnicity/Racial Origin: Norse-Gael
⊙ Social Class: Daughter to a Noble (Jarls)
⊙ Native Language: Irish Gaelic
⊙ Marital status: Unmarried
⊙ Voice description: Máire has a very soft and quiet voice, often sounding as if she has a slight sore throat

☩ Physical Description ☩

⊙ Height: 5’4
⊙ Weight: 120 lbs.
⊙ Hair: Red, curly and coarse
⊙ Eyes: Emerald green
⊙ Handedness: Left handed
⊙ Typical Clothing/Equipment: A long, dark green linen dress with golden traditionally-patterned trim, a plain cloak, a dark brown & grey fur held together by two bronze brooches, and a sword by her side, held on by a leather belt & sheath

⊙ Detailed Physical Description: Máire has a sturdy build, and is quite athletic despite being born into noble class. Her hair is deep red and reaches her shoulder blades, with two small braids pinned to the back. She has a stern glare, with deep and intensely green eyes, and her skin is pale enough to be translucent.
⊙ Face shape: Oval
⊙ Scars/modifications: Máire has the Helm of Awe carved onto her back

☩ Roleplay rules ☩

⊙ Do not use asterisks
⊙ Decent grammar, please
⊙ Longish responses
⊙ 3rd person is preferred, but 1st isn’t a problem if all other rules are followed
⊙ Do not pretend to know Máire unless you’ve met in an rp previously
⊙ If you’re doing a historical/viking rp, please maintain as much accuracy and consistency in the plot as possible
⊙ Keep things interesting
⊙ Slightly over-powered characters are welcome, but excessive god-modding to the point of being unrealistic is not

☩ Personality & Attributes ☩

⊙ Positive Traits: Máire is determined and hardworking, and values her family and honor highly
⊙ Negative Traits: She can often be too soft-spoken and devious
⊙ Habits: Cracking her knuckles, speaking with a foul tongue
⊙ Skills: Although being a woman her freedom is limited, Máire has a passion for joining her family’s raids, is a good cook, and could practically throw a dagger from a mile away and still hit the mark
⊙ Faults: Máire is impulsive and can be highly suspicious of those outside her clan
⊙ Discomforts: Máire fears being controlled or held back, and would wish death upon herself if she brought dishonor to her clan
⊙ Comforts: Máire lives for festivals like the yule, watching men chug mead until they drop, traditional music playing while she gathers ‘round the hearth to dance
⊙ Personal Philosophy: “Cattle die, kinsmen die, all men are mortal. Words of praise will never perish, nor a noble name.” ☩ Familiars ☩
☩Mother: Aoibheann Ó Lochlainn ☩
☩ Father: Brynjar the Mighty ☩☩ Notable weapon: Dagger ☩

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