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Role-playing Rules: ( Stolen from the amazing, Perseus Potter. )
Always open rps, unless the situation calls for something different.
No god-modding or being too overpowered.
Use good grammar, No *grins*.
Must have long responses. 2-3 sentences at the least.
Be realistic with your magic/powers. Don't be an immortal cunt like Perseus Potter.
If you make it romantic, I will go along with it, up until the moment i brutally murder you.
Do not act like you know Oliver, unless you have met previously or it is stated in the rp.
Take the rp somewhere! Make it interesting! No "up to you" bullshit.
Don't be psychic or pull some mind reading shit. That is stupid and instantly kills a rp.
I am up for any type of rp.
If you're going to ask to rp with me, you must provide a starter.

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I've spent my life

In this concrete merry-go-round

Watching the same crimes

Play out year after year

Like a jukebox with only one sad song

It's a city with no one to trust

And no one to love

Where cigarette butts

Are the only ass you get

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