hi! i’m alina summers, i’m a norse demigod, and i’m the daughter of frey. i’m a resident of floor 19 at hotel valhalla.

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sixteen • female • norse demigod • daughter of frey • hotel valhalla • floor nineteen

➺ long, curly, blonde hair
➺ bright, sparkling, blue eyes
➺ average height
➺ casual or summery clothes
➺ no makeup

➳ general happy and optimistic
➳ cinnamon roll
➳ always willing to lend a helping hand
➳ protective of those she cares about
➳ will immediately apologize if she hurts you

alina was born in sweden on june 14, 2002, but two years later her mother and she moved to the united states. she grew up in a small town and never knew her father. although it was enough to just have her mom, she would often wonder about who her dad was and where he was. she was good in school and made lots of friends due to her friendly and cheerful personality.

one day, when alina was sixteen years old, she was walking through her town and turned her head to discover her best friend was being attacked by a strange masked figure. alina grabbed whatever was at hand that she could use as a weapon—it happened to be a branch that had fallen off a tree in the storm the previous night—and hit the figure in the head so she could get to her friend. while she was consoling her friend, she didn’t notice the figure regaining consciousness. by the time her friend warned her, it was too late. the figure stabbed her, and she died.

as alina died, she saw a girl with a green hijab flying above her on a horse. a valkyrie. the girl swooped down, and alina’s world went black.

when alina awoke again, the girl on the horse was carrying her across a gap of nothingness—ginnungagap, she would later learn it was called. her world went black once again.

when she awoke for the second time, she was in the courtyard of some hotel. hotel valhalla. when she went inside, she was directed to her room on floor 19. later at dinner she and the other residents of her floor went to the feast hall of the slain. they showed the video of how she died. it was also there when she found out who her dad was. frey, god of peace and fertility, rain, and sunshine.

she has been at valhalla for a few months now. she has befriended her valkyrie, who’s name is samirah (sam for short), the residents of her floor: magnus (her half-brother), alex, t.j., mallory, and halfborn. she also befriended a dwarf named blitzen and an elf named hearthstone. she is yet to go on a quest, but wants to.

face claim ↠ imogen poots

aesthetic ⇢ yellow

friends (in character)

↝ magnus chase (paternal half-brother)
↝ samirah al abbas (valkyrie)
↝ alex fierro
↝ thomas jefferson jr.
↝ mallory keen
↝ halfborn gunderson
↝ blitzen
↝ hearthstone


↬ please no swearing (or at least keep it to a minimum)
↬ nothing inappropriate at all
↬ no godmodding
↬ don’t pretend to know alina unless we’ve roleplayed before
↬ no one-liners
↬ roleplay in whatever pov you want (3rd or 1st), idc
↬ have fun!

current roleplays

~ http://www.hogwartsishere.com/posts/4946360/

btw this is a roleplay account. my main is luna solace

<font size=7>byeeeee! have a nice day!</font size>

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