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Writer, artist, student, PMM Mod (Co-Editor), and professional nerd. Message me if you have any questions! I don't do follow for a follow.

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**The update goofed up my backstory real bad, and it's currently under renovation.**


Hello and welcome to my page!


~Wizarding Info~

Wand: Pear with Unicorn tail core, 10", hard

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird

Favorite Subject: Charms 

Favorite Spell: Patronus Charm

Patronus: Aardvark

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Quidditch: Me? Play sports? What a funny joke. 


~Other Info~

Name: Joy Athenaeum

Is that my real name?

No, Joy is my middle name and Athenaeum is another word for library or place of study

Personality type: INFP-T/INFJ-T

Zodiac: Virgo

Appearance: wavy-curly brown hair (elbow length), freckles, greyish greenish eyes, about 5’5”

Hobbies: Reading, Playing flute, writing, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and drawing.

Likes: Hobbies listed above, family, friends, my dog, music, being a nerd, sweet treats, snow, rain, swimming, babysitting, rollercoasters, and hoodies

Dislikes: cursing (please don't), broccoli, feeling alone, fighting, temperatures over 100 degrees F (unfortunate as I live in a desert), getting bad grades, online school, group projects with assigned groups, being made fun of, bullying, and panic attacks.

Favorite books: *deep breath* Harry Potter, Riordianverse books, The Reckoners, Keeper of the Lost Cities, The Lunar Chronicles, Renegades, Legendborn, The Land of Stories, The Grisha Trilogy, and a lot more I'm not going to list here



Raised in the sunny American southwest, Joy lived with her witch mother and muggle father and her three younger siblings. She attended a muggle elementary school and always did well. She had shown her first signs of magic at about three so it was no surprise when she got a letter of acceptance. She was almost immediately sorted into Ravenclaw, the house she'd wanted her whole life. She has a blast in Ravenclaw with other creative and intelligent witches and wizards.


~Potter Monster Magazine!~

Writer, Co-Editor, and Blogger for the PotterMonster Magazine


What's that you say?

The PotterMonster Magazine is a magazine for content creators of any platform to come together and share their content and the content of other creators with the readers of our magazine.

Our goal is to provide a safe space where all people (whether Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff) can come together to share their creative endeavors with others and expand their followings on social media!

My job is to regularly write articles for both the main magazine and the magazine profile and edit articles for the magazine. Please message me if you have any questions about anything! We are hiring! Don't want a job? Subscribe! Join the PMM Readers Group!

Please, don't be afraid to reach out with questions!

Official PotterMonster Magazine Profile


~Rules for my wall~

Please no swearing or foul language!!

Please keep everything appropriate

Absolutely no Racism, Sexism, Religious Discrimination, or hate of ANY KIND

You may advertise, but please do it respectfully and message me to ask before posting an ad.

No chainmail, please. It's not cool.

Try to avoid potentially triggering topics. I want to keep this a safe, enjoyable place for everyone. 

Generally use common sense and be polite.

No spreading misinformation.


~ Thank you! ~




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