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Hey guys! Thanks for popping on our wall. We think we should make RP Rules but we are lazy so just be nice and respectful! Thanks guys hope you have a great day! ~Wendy <3

Sammy Friar~
FC: Maia Mitchell

Sexuality: Girls.. just ya
Status: Taken by Jessica 3/20/19
Personality- Uh i- well ya.
Likes- Brownies, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, Hersey bars, chocolate..
Dislikes- people who have found me entertains cause your obviously crazy..
Peanut (Jessica Lynn)
Lobster (Logan)
Samwhich- Lobster (Logan)
Moose- Peanut (Jessica Lynn)
Samitha- Bessi (Jessi)

Me and Lobster-

Me and Peanut-

Harry Friar-
FC: Jeremy Jordan

Sexuality- Eh.. I’m open
Status- Taken by Beatrice <3 3/18/19
Personality- Hey! Ho! Ha! Tell ya enough?
Likes- so you nice I like you.
Dislike- you mean I don’t like you.

Nope sorry guys! Not cool enough to have one I guess.

Megan Dutch
FC: Gabby Westbrook

Sexuality- If I like you and you like me, and you ask me out, I’ll say yes. I don’t like labels.
Status- Single again
Personality- Do you really wanna know? Ok- You can find out when you talk to me (;
Likes- You (;
Dislikes- also you! Kidding. Unless your not a good person..

Skywalker (Luke)


Josh Highland
FC: Sam Claflin

Sexuality- Sorry guys! Just girls.
Status- Single
Personality- Well I like to think I’m charming. You can make your opinion on that.
Likes- I like good people, world peace, no world hunger, and a good cheeseburger.
Dislikes- bad people, war, world hunger, and a bad cheeseburger.
Wendy (sister)
Sunshine (Grace Fields)
Cookie Monster (Logan)
Cassie (Cas)
Big Mac (Weilan)
Owl (Willow)

Joshybear- Sunshine (Grace)
Joshie- Cookie monster (Logan)
Joshibear- Cas (Cassie)
Josh Man- Big Mac (Weilan)
Super Man- Double Stack (Wendy)
Jojo- Owl (Willow)
What do you wanna call me?



Cookie Monster-


My kids Myra and Miles

Wendy Highland
FC: Melissa Benoist

Sexuality: Bi
Status- Single..
Personality- I’m bubbly and happy. I like to be positively positive.
Likes- People
Dislikes- When people don’t like me!
Quilsadilla (Quil)
Salsa- Quilsadilla (Quil)
Double Stack- Superman (Josh)
you have any for me?

Me and Quil <3

Ryker Grey
FC: Nick Jonas

Sexuality- Straight
Status- Taken by Logan 3/14/19
Personality- I don't really know..
Likes- Well I like a lot of things
Dislikes- Well uh... everything that's fucked up pretty much
Gandalf (Logan)
RyRy- Gandalf (Logan)

Me and Gandalf-

Bailey Debor
FC: Niomi Smart

Sexuality- Straight
Status- Single ain’t nobody changing that anytime soon
Personality- I like to be positive but don't mess with this Texas girl!
Likes- BACON
Dislikes- People who don't like Bacon
Dri King (Adrian)

Bubbles- Dri King (Adrian)

Fields Debor-
FC: Jessey Stevens
<a href="https://ibb.co/1s32vr6">

Sexuality- Bi French Fry
Status- Taken dude
Personality- Uhh I like stuff.. what am I supposed to say here?
Likes- Ya know stuff
Dislikes- other stuff?

Definite no
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