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Both my parents are Muggles and I thought I was too. That was until I received my letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry………AND a letter to the Ilvermorny School.
My mother is British and the maternal side of my family has lived in and around the United Kingdom for hundreds of years. My father is American and my paternal family live and thrive in the USA. I was born in America and live in Australia, so I’m not surprised that someone’s magical wires got crossed and I ended up with two acceptance letters from two different schools. So not only was I Muggle born with no knowledge of the wizarding world whatsoever, but I suddenly had to choose between two different institutions I never knew existed.
I decided to join Hogwarts, partly because of the prestige but also because I had been to America many times and had only been to England twice. So off I went.
Mum and I stayed with some cousins who live near London and, thanks to directions via correspondence with the Headmaster; we were able to find Diagon Alley. My trip to Ollivanders ended with a wand made of Sycamore wood that is 13” long and has a Dragon heartstring core.
I talked to a few people on the train, a lot were fascinated with my accent and that I came all the way from Australia. Not to mention seeing their faces when I told them I got a letter from Ilvermorny as well. So I was already a little famous, not Harry Potter famous but enough to make friends quickly.
I was sorted into Ravenclaw House and to this day I am very proud to be a Blue but at the time I thought there must have been a mistake as I didn’t feel smart enough to belong there. I still get anxiety thinking about the few times I had to get into my common room alone.
But the hat chose well and I excelled at most of my classes, the favourites of which were Defence Against The Dark Arts, Charms and Transfiguration and I passed my OWLs with flying colours. I chose my NEWT classes that benefited my plans of becoming an Auror for the Ministry and of those subjects, Human Transfiguration was my favourite, ever since being a Third Year and finding out what an Animagus was, I wanted to be one.
After I graduated I spent a year doing further studies on my own, when my Animagus presented itself in the form of a wolf I began to learn all I could about werewolves. Once I was able to turn myself into a wolf, I started to feel a kinship towards those cursed with lycanthropy and I did what I could to help the afflicted. When that intense but enlightening year concluded, I registered as an Anamagus, sent in my application for Auror and was accepted.
Honestly, who wouldn’t accept me with my abilities and knowledge? After working for the Ministry for quite a few years I applied to work in the Department of International Magical Co-Operation (IMCO). This allowed me to develop relationships with every country and because of my history I was offered a tour of Ilvermorny. It was great to see another school and what might have been if I had chosen to attend. My work as an Auror often helped some of my tasks with IMCO and with approval; I began to split my time between working for the Ministry in the UK, working for MACUSA in America and holidaying in Australia. I was and still am very much a child of the world. Wizarding or not.

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