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alex !
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● lesbian
● xiv
● karma is a bitch, i have proof.
● loud and reckless
● slytherclaw

@___ghostbaby___ on instagram

● mother, deceased
● sister, alive, xvii

alex was born on november fourteenth, 1990. she was a grumpy child who could not be held by anyone but her mother. she had a three-year-old sister and a loving mother. she had never met her father and still, the concept of having one was quite absurd to her. the girl was deeply loved, and she deeply loved to throw her mushy carrots on the floor until the age of three and a half.
at the age of five, just like any normal kid, she was sent off to elementary school, where she found that she could fly onto the roof and get in trouble for it. in fifth grade, right at the end of the year, she received her letter. and was perplexed, to say the least. but of course, she found herself in august walking the streets of diagon alley to shop for her things. the sorting hat said she could be a ravenclaw or slytherin, but he gave up and put her in slytherin.
now, you can find her excelling at potions and having a conversation with the other fourth years.

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