Seraphina fethersnow


Half blood witch. Father: Muggle born Greek familly . Mother: Pure blood Russian familly 1st year student at hogwarts

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I am Seraphine but you can call me Sera , i am a half blood witch, i showed my magic abillites from an early age, my mum is a whitch from a very big Russian family she whas in slitherin and left hogwarts at 16 she is a deth eater now and she lives whith my half brother , my dad is a muggleborn whizard when he lern that he had magic abilities he was 10 and a teacher from hogwarts came to tell his parents about hogwarts, but they refuse to send him there because they where from greese and they thoght that was satans job and if they send him he will be a bad person, so he stayed home and taght himself whith books that hogwarts send him they said that he whas going to be a talent,his parents tried to hide the fact that he is a wisard. I live whith my dad now but i go to my mum sometimes, she is not that bad and i am nothing like her i mean not a bad person
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