♡Silvia A. Silverstich♡

♡Slytherin Drama Queen♡

♡〖"Elegance is beauty that never fades"〗♡

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♡〖I'm a generally friendly person but there's something you must know: Rain is my sister and Aleks is my precious child/best friend. Hurt either of them and you're dead〗♡

♡〖b a s i c〗♡
Name: Silvia Anastasia Silverstich
Original Gender: Female
Pronounce: She/Her
DOB: January 25 1979
Height: 5 Feet
Nationality: British - Welsh
Sexuality: Bisexual
Significant other: N/A

♡〖m a j i k s〗♡
School: Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Wand: Hazel wood with dragon heartstring, 15 inch, Slightly flexible.
Patronus: Unicorn
Blood-status: Pureblood
Pet: Lulu [White Norwegian Forest cat]
Amortentia: Salty sea water and ocean breeze, bougainvillea flowers
Mirror of erised: A deceased friend. If you want to know more about it, bring it up.
Favorite class: Charms
Boggart: Victoria West, the woman that killed her mother and older sister.

♡〖a p p e a r a n c e〗♡
Faceclaim: [None yet, if you have any suggestions let me know ;) ]
Skin color: Tan
Eye color: Dark brown [Almost black]
Hair color: Purple
Hair type: Slightly wavy, depends on the length. If short [like it used to be when she was a kid] it's curly.
Hair length: Long, till her lower thighs.

♡〖b i o〗♡
Traits: Kind, Creative, Extroverted, Oblivious, Impulsive, Ambitious
Disorder(s): N/A
Voice: Silvery; light, clear, pleasant, Slightly high pitched and gentle. A very soothing voice, which is nice because she talks a lot.
Biggest fear: Being forever alone
Handedness: Left
Talents: Great artist and violinist.
Silvia was born on Januray 25 1979, to Hanna Silverstich and Andreas bell, that day, also her twin brother Andrew was born. Only days after Silvia was born they found out she was a metamorphmagus [hence the odd hair color for her time] When Silvia and her brother were only about 1 and a half years old their mother and older sister [Celestis Silverstich] got killed. Years later Silvia attended Hogwarts and, surprisingly, got sorted into Slytherin house. She met her best friend there as well, Hester Ollivander. She also met another girl, Reese Sanderson, who she became close friends with. In her third year Silvia joined the Quidditch team as a chaser.That same year she and her brother moved to the Caribbean to live with their grandmother, though they still want to Hogwarts. In her fifth year she went to the Yule Ball with a Ravenclaw boy called Samuel Pierce. In their sixth year at Hogwarts Hester and Reese started dating and Silvia became kind of a third wheel, but she didn't mind and went along with it.

Silvia has no idea what life holds in store for her but she's ready to slowly but surely start finding out who she is meant to be.

♡〖Other people you can find here〗♡
Andrew Silverstich, Silvia's twin brother.
Professor Johanna Cross, Silvia's aunt and the ancient runes teacher at Hogwarts.
Andreas Bell, Silvia's father.
Anastasia Pelin-Bell, Silvia's diva grandmother.
Hester Ollivander, Silvia's best friend and partner in crime.
Reese Sanderson, Silvia's other friend and Hester's girlfriend.
Professor Diaspro Winchester, someone you would rather not meet.
Amoria, a mischievous creature that lives in Professor Winchester's classroom.

♡〖R u l e s〗♡
♡1 No erotic stuff.
♡2 Accept my character's sexuality.
♡3 No Mary/Gary Sue character's
♡4 No godmodding/controlling my character
♡5 I roleplay with several characters at a time, if that bothers you you should tell me before we start the RP.
♡6 No text talk
♡7 Occasional one-liners are okay but constantly is annoying.
♡8 If you start the RP you starter must be at least semi-para (7 - 12 sentence) long.
♡9 I use pre-written starters for most of my RP's, please respect that. I don't have the time to write a new starter for every RP. So unless we think of a more detailed plot that requires me to write a new starter, I will use one of my 3 pre-made starters.
♡10 Help plan the RP! I hate being the only one that comes up with ideas.
♡11 If read please send me an owl saying "Elegance is beauty that never fades"
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