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I lived in Nottingham in a mansion for all my life. But one day, An owl had come.
I had just been accepted into Hogwarts. I was a pure-blood walking through the Hogwarts gates. Boy, was I excited! Unfortunately, no wand had chosen me at Ollivanders, so I'm hoping I won't have to use some shabby stick from the Lost&Found. I am descendant of the great criminal Gellert Grindelwald. The Elder Wand was in his possession, but then Dumbledore got it. After that Malfoy *dreamy sigh* (I'm hoping to win the heart of Scorpius Malfoy) disarmed Dumbledore and it became his. But then, that idiot Potter disarmed Malfoy, so it became his. When Potter realised that, he broke the wand into two.
I kept walking, and there were so many stairs! I got tired easily. Soon, I see two almost-identical sticks lying parallel to each other just behind a statue. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. I creeped over to the two sticks and, well, would you look at that! It was the Elder Wand!!! I was about to bend down and pick them up, but all of a sudden, the two bits started levitating. I started getting worried that it had chosen a wizard. Those two pieces were going to levitate to a witch/wizard and hereby belong to them. But then, the sticks levitated to me! I was so surprised! I put the two pieces together, and it formed!
After being put into jolly ol' Slytherin, I listened out for Malfoy. The two Potters had just went... They both got Gryffindor. And all of a sudden, I hear,
"Potter!" Was there really a third? I looked up from the table. The hat was just placed onto his head. Soon "Slytherin!!" echoed through the halls. The Potter boy came to the table and sat just in front of me. I looked around in time to see Malfoy sneering at him. Well, I'd just have to make friends with them both. I introduced myself to the Potter, and he called himself, "Albus Severus Potter".
When we got to the Common Room, I introduced myself and Potter to Malfoy. We became Malfoys sidekicks, just like Crabbe, Goyle and that idiot Parkinson were, all those years ago.
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