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Full Name: Daenerys Roselyn Glass

Appearance: Daenerys is very small for her age, sitting just under 4' 5" with a naturally thin frame. Her hair is platinum blonde and wavy with a single braid pinned on the side. Her eyes are a bright silver-blue with large glasses and her face is covered in sprinklings of freckles. Her school uniform is rather loose on her though she has demonstrated a preference for oversized jumpers and hoodies. Her favorite article of clothing is her father's old Quidditch sweater from his own time at Hogwarts.


Daenerys was born in Marylebone, England to Rhea Carlisle and Alistair Rose, both of whom are the heads of two ancient and noble magical families. Her childhood was filled with magic and endless knowledge as well as the adventure that came with her father being a dragonologist. However, her entire world changed when her father went missing. Her mother became desperate and depressed, eventually turning to the Dark Arts as a means of coping. She often left Daenerys home alone for long periods of time and, when she was home, she demanded nothing short of perfection from her daughter. She became obssessed with bloodline purity and demanded that Daenerys not only become the strongest witch but that she be the perfect child - seen rarely and never heard.

Her mother's overbearing attitude drove Daenerys to begin spending her time at the Leaky Cauldron, listening to the stories of travelers who came and went. She was drawn to adventure and a sort of mascot for the inn, often found flitting from table to table listening to stories and even learning new, obscure spells and potions. She was able to be who she truly was at the Leaky Cauldron and even went to far as to play pranks on those who returned quite regularly. When she finally received her Hogwarts acceptance letter, she was more than excited to learn new things, make new friends, and become the best witch at Hogwarts - on her own terms.

Favorite Class: Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts

Lead Favorite Class: Herbology

Favorite Food: Turkish Delights and Blackberry Lemon Cakes
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