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I like theoretical studies- of Charms, Potions, Runes and Arithmancy. Hell, I even took up Alchemy and Ancient Studies as an elective. A lot my interest probably could be attributed towards my weak body, but I found myself reading as many books as I could. The only reason I failed to end up in Ravenclaw, according to the Sorting Hat, was because "Rather than simply gathering information to appease curiosity, I had too strong of a drive to do something." And so I found myself in Slytherin, where thankfully things went smoother than expected considering no one in my family was one before me (Our line usually stayed within Ravenclaw, and I had expected the same).

As one could imagine, I did unbearably poorly in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Care of Magical Creatures, and even struggled quite a bit on Transfiguration. Not because I didn't try, because I did- I took up extra classes when no one was looking, and I researched as much as I could on any fallacies I could be making. Though I was able to drop most of the uninteresting subjects for my NEWTS, I found myself keeping Defence Against the Dark Arts because I couldn't find any faults in learning further defence against criminals. Thankfully, a senior taught me tricks and quick spells to get me through the subject for a few favours in return.

I still keep those tricks in mind when defending against a curse gone wild- a handful of years since I've finished my Hogwards education. I began my career as a Curse Breaker by interning at the ministry, but eventually took on a more private career path while only working with the ministry on special occasions. My main source of income now comes from breaking ancient curses from antiques hidden in the dusty old attics of Old Families with my partners. I specialise in Grudges and Old Curses.
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