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It was a very sunny day when I was walking through the beautiful garden at home. There were beautiful flowers such as: roses, tulips, peonies, lilies, and more. I was walking until I stoped and saw something I disliked for so long, bugs. Bugs creeps me out, what I would usually do when I see one is stay still, but that time it’s different. I just stood there frozen looking at the bug (the bug is a caterpillar), the caterpillar was on the leaf of a royal lily. The lily was set on fire and the flame was specifically on that one lily alone, not spreading through other lilies near it. I thought someone throw a match stick lit on fire at the royal lily at the time and just ignore it, so I continued my walk and forget what happened.

Weeks had gone by since the lily burning day happened. Then it happened again when I was running away from something. I was just minding my own business and was completely alone, then out of nowhere I hear a soft breathing behind me. I was shocked and all the flowers around me bursted flames, the same colour as the flowers they are on. I was so confused and I didn’t know what happened. I began to feel scared and looked at the thing that was breathing and it just so happens to be my mother, smiling as if all that was normal.

Later on that day, my mother told me a family secret. A secret that would expand the world that I live in, I found out that my family have been witches and wizards for a very long time. My father was part fairy and my mother was a pureblood witch. I was in disbelief and didn’t believe what I was saying. Then I turned 11 and got my Hogwarts letter. Then on, my journey of learning begins.
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