Enid Bedward

Assistant Thestral Caretaker

Sleepless nights and faerie lights

  • Joined December 2018
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 8 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


I was born to two magical beast enthusiasts in Southern Wales. I'll never forget sitting in my parents' library, poring over books with illustrations of amazing creatures. We never owned any ourselves, but we were fortunate enough to be able to visit several dragon nesting grounds. My parents treated me well, and I never wanted for anything. However, that all changed on one fateful evening. I was getting ready for bed while my parents had some guests over. I heard the clinking of glasses and the too-loud laughter of drunken adults. What I didn't hear was the front door unlatching and opening. I didn't hear anything until I heard an angry man's voice. I crept downstairs, making sure to stay out of sight. I watched as a man in a ratty old coat held my parents and their friends at wandpoint. My mother and the guests had their wands out too. I watched as the man accused them all of things that I knew weren't true. They accused them of ruining him and causing him to lose everything. Then, he fired at my father. It was the Killing Curse, and my father was struck stone dead on the spot. Something snapped inside my mum, and she started hitting the man with the Cruciatus Curse over and over. He writhed in agony until his body shut down, unable to handle the pain anymore. My mum collapsed beside my da's body, sobbing wretchedly. That's when the lady guest saw me. She whispered to the other and gestured in my direction. He nodded, and they both walked toward me. They told me to pack up quickly and then wait outside. The man whispered something about Azkaban. I was too busy running upstairs. I knew that these people were friends of my parents and that I could trust them. Mum and Da were very cautious people and didn't allow anyone they were suspicious of inside their home. Unfortunately, all the caution in the world wasn't able to save my father. The people took me to their home, and raised me until I received a letter from Hogwarts, detailing my acceptance. I was taken to a place where we bought all of my school supplies, then I was taken to King's Cross in England and packed on a train that we got to by walking through a wall. I arrived at Hogwarts and my jaw dropped as I saw the castle. I got off on the platform. As I was ushered towards the boats, I saw big kids headed toward carriages pulled by terrible, beautiful winged horses. I wanted nothing more than to see them up close. But, I was taken to the castle and sorted into Ravenclaw house. I asked my head of house what they were, and learned their name: thestrals. I asked about being able to see them, and was told that if I wanted to apply to help take care of them, I would have to prove my knowledge of magical creatures. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take the test for at least a year, so I held off until I was able to. Now, I help the caretaker look after the thestrals. I keep them fed and healthy. It's just a shame so many other students can't see them.
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