Nix Lukannon

Animagus Phoenix

I am genderfluid, so please don't assume my gender. I generally don't mind if you call me she, he or they. Also I am bi or pan I don't know.

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I was supposed to get a letter from Hogwarts but Errol was sent to deliver it, and he delivered it to someone on my road with the same name as me. I am stuck at a muggle school struggling to hide my secret and enrolling online to learn how to use magic properly. I am adopted, but my parents were wizards and didn't want me to be one too, as they had experienced a lot of trauma about it. When they saw that I was indeed a witch they gave me up to muggle social services to be adopted by muggles.
Wand: 12 3/4 inch, Rowan Wood, Dragon Heartstring Core.
Patronus: Eagle Owl
Relationship Status: Single
Everyday Mood: Kinda Happy but some people REALLY annoy me...
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