Yue Beifong

Student, magical being, ect.

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I was sorted into the Hogwarts house of Ravenclaw, honestly I am not surprised what were they supposed to do with the relative of Rowena Ravenclaw. The sorting hat almost immediately said Ravenclaw, which I am very proud of even though I do indeed have traits of the other three houses. I love all my classes, learning is like a treasure, the most important thing. I am proudly a pureblood, a family originating thousands of years back but all wizards and witches. However I do not discriminate against muggleborns, such as some people have in the past. My family is a very noble one in the wizarding world, I get along just fine and nobody has any problems with me. He-who-must-not-be-named is a very vicious and evil being, however my family has made sure to do everything in our power to end his tyrant once and for all! I believe my greatest strengths are physical activity, mental challenges, and social skills. My greatest weakness is quitting to easily because I forget why I started a task in the first place. After I finish school I am looking forward to get a job and be successful, also to have the highest education offered to me. I think it takes time to find something you love doing, so I don't think I will find my dream job quite so quickly after graduation. The most fascinating thing about magic to me is the thrill of learning something you would never think you could do. I will use my magic to help both myself and other people, for I feel if I just used it on other people they would take advantage of me. If I am being honest with myself I would like to have success, education, love, and most importantly health. I love animals, I own a dog and a cat. My dog's name is Sammy, she is very friendly and loving but doesn't get along so well with other dogs. She is very sweet. My cat's name is Babyblue, he is very social and friendly but is independent. Something interesting about my family is that everyone in it is pureblood, which I think is odd.
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