Lorelei Winters

Student, Mermaid

Hello Everyone! Proud Ravenclaw! I'm super friendly and I love talking to people! Don't hesitate to talk to me and maybe we can exchange books

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I was raised in the deep forests of Gotenburg, Sweden in a catholic orphanage, as far away from magic as anyone could get. I was always trouble for the nuns and prioresses; hair as red as the devil, I wrote with my left hand, I have an extremely tricky side and worst of all... I'm a mermaid on full moons.
At the age of 11 a beautiful owl came to me while we studied and delivered to me a letter from a place in England called, "Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry". I was completely speechless and the nuns were horrified! They locked me away upstairs where they kept me on full moon nights, it was a tiny space with no windows and only one item, in the center of the room house a large glass tank of water, for my mermaid transformations. Several months passed being trapped alone in the attic, not a word from anyone except when they brought me food, but other then that it was silent, until one day from down in the foyer the nuns began screaming foul words. I couldn't think of anyone who could get those women to get so upset besides me, but slowly as their screams got closer and loud heavy footsteps got closer, fear gripped my throat. I heard all the locks on my door break and my door opened with a gentle creak, I hadn't expected the man before to be so gentle; he was at least 6'7 ft tall and had to weigh at least 300 lbs, his dirty blonde hair gently swept around his neck while his turquoise eyes held as much joy and happiness as his large smile. He held his hand out to my quivering hand and told me his name was Kristoff Tharin Odinson, but please call him Tharin, and that he was an the lead architect for a firm in London. When I gave him the look of confusion he only laughed heartily, turned around and with a flick of his.. wand? He quickly silenced all the nuns and closed the door, then turning back to me with the same smile and told me he worked very closely with a man named Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. He handed me a letter to attend Hogwarts and asked me if I would like to travel with him to go to school there, of course I agreed and we were quickly on our way to London! On our way through Norway Tharin signed off papers to legally adopted me, so I would never have to go back to that terrible orphanage, then we landed in the most magically place I had ever been to, London. We bought my school supplies with ease, Tharin set me up a joint bank account with him at Gringotts, then we went and got me a lovely pet for my journey to Hogwarts, a lovely snow owl with a beatuiful black marking on her forhead that looked almost like a moon, so I named her Selene. When we traveled through to Platform 9 3/4 I was nervous but Tharin promised that he would write letters to me every weekend, though still with a heavy heart I left his side for what I hope to be a wonderful year at Hogwarts!
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