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Role-Play Character Name : Olivia Crystal Jenna Gamblewood-McLaggen Role-Play Character DOB 29/05/2001 Role-play Character AGE 17 Gender:

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Name : Olivia Belvina Crystal Jenna Blackburn nee Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone

Nickname: Oliviy or Livia

DOB 29/05/2001

AGE 19
Gender: Female

Race Human witch/ Husky Wolf-dog/ShadowHunter

Height : 5ft 6inc

Hair Colour: Mixed

Eye Colour : Mixed

Skin Colour: Pale

Supernatural Information
Basic Powers
Spell Casting
Potion Making
Active Powers
Power Granting (collective)
Power Stripping (collective)

allergies to Snow and fake friends and Bullies.

Blood Status : Pure-Blood / Wolfblood transformation/ShadowHunter descendant

School : Hogwarts School

House : Gryffindor

Studies: Potions,Transfiguration,
Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient History and Divinations

Year :7th

Wand: Unicorn Hair, Rosewood, 11 inches

Patronus: Wolfblood Husky Dog

Animagus Wolf Dog

Personalty Kind, Loving , Friendly

Sexualty : Lesbian

Family Members

Fling with
Owen Cauldwell while aged 12 and he was 13 years old at school in Hogwarts

Spouse Roxanne Nevaeh Blackburn married after Hogwarts I think not sure


Phoebe Olivia Roxy Blackburn Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone-Cauldwell born the 2/03/2014 to me and
Owen Cauldwell who is a pureblood and was in Hufflepuff. but she was our first born then she stolen by Jade West and Adopted by her and Jades mad family

Mia Emma Corrine Gamblewood-McLaggen-Blackburn-Cauldwell my baby born the Apr 17 2014 to me and
Owen Cauldwell who is a pureblood and was in Hufflepuff. but she is our second born

Lily Aurora Luna Gamblewood-McLaggen-Blackburn-Cauldwell baby born the 18/07/2014 to me and
Owen Cauldwell who is a pureblood and was in Hufflepuff. but she is our third born

Cormac Theodore Gamblewood-McLaggen-Blackburn-Cauldwell (my baby boy) 2014 he is our fourth born

Sophia Eleena Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone- Cauldwell ( my baby girl was born Aug 17 2015 she is the 5th born to me and
Owen Cauldwell who is a pureblood and was in Hufflepuff

Savannah Corrine Courtney Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone-Blackburn
(Daughter) of Me and my wife Roxanne Nevaeh Blackburn born 12/11/2020 along side her twin brother
Matthew Geoffrey Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone-Blackburn Plus the are 6thh and 7th born children in to a mixed blood family

Daddy: Geoffrey Matthew Thomas Gamblewood-McLaggen

Mummy Mammy: Corrine Mia Emma Courtney Gwendolyn Maxine Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Stacy-Stone)

Full Brothers: Freddie Justin Gamblewood-McLaggen -Stone, Luke Leo Gamblewood-McLaggen -Stacy-Stone and
Cormac Benjamin Tiberius Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone

Full Sisters: Briony Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone and
Emily Jayne Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone and
Alexa Alexis Marie Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone and
Victoria Lucy Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone and
Laura Jayne Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone
and Nevaeh Christina Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stacy-Stone

Grandfathers: James Marcus Stone alive and
Daniel Channing Tobias Gamblewood-McLaggen alive

Grandmothers: Lisa Marie Stone (born Stacy) alive and

Priscilla Claire Ingrid Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Gilbert) alive

Blood Aunties from my daddy Geoffrey's side of the family Joy Rochelle Odell (born Gamblewood-McLaggen),Crystal Laura Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Claire Scarlett Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Zeta Zee Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Bridget Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Lindsay Leela Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Holly Kate Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Elise Simone Gamblewood-McLaggen

Blood Uncles from my daddy Geoffrey's side of the family

Sylvester "Sylver" Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Nathan Benjamin Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Tiberius Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Jayden Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Ryder Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Adam Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Damon Tyrone Gamblewood-McLaggen

Blood cousins from my Daddy Geoffrey's side of the family

Matty Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Hunter Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Derek Craig Gamblewood-McLaggen, Tod Kyle Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Joseph Noah Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Nathan Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Terry Gamblewood-McLaggen,Anthony Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Alfie Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Lyra Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Jill Eva Xanthe Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Cher Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Alison Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Liza Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Porsche Jane Lourdes Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Celine Tiana Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Evie Sofia Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Cora Clarice Kitty Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Courtney Ethel Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Millicent Violetta Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Holly Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Carrie Crystal Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Freya Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Roxy Juliet Dora Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Susie Gamblewood-McLaggen died,
Pippa Celina Lindsay Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Elise Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Morag Scarlett Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Tali Ziva María Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Mandy Helen Gamblewood-McLaggen,
Dynasty Gamblewood-McLaggen,Bailey Gamblewood-McLaggen
,Amy Anastasia Gamblewood-McLaggen,Peri Louise Grace Gamblewood-McLaggen,Thomasin Anya Josephine Marie Taylor Gamblewood-McLaggen,Taylor Gamblewood-McLaggen
,Lana Sara Gamblewood-McLaggen
,Rachel Gamblewood-McLaggen,Tim Gamblewood-McLaggen-Odell and
Topsy Gamblewood-McLaggen-Odell

Blood Aunties from my Mummy Corrine's side of the family

Charlene Charlotte Dunbar (born Stacy-Stone),
Celina Madlley (born Stacy-Stone),
Verity Eva Clement (born Stacy-Stone),Jennifer Rose Stacy-Stone

Blood Uncles from my Mummy Corrine's side of the family

Kris Joe Stacy-Stone,
Spencer Stacy-Stone,
Phillip Stacy-Stone,
Simon Stacy-Stone and
Howard Stacy-Stone

Blood cousins from my mummy Corrine's side of the family

Fay Rose Stacy-Stone-Dunbar,
Ava Chloe Stacy-Stone-Dunbar,
Corey Ethan Stacy-Stone-Dunbar,
Laura Elle Madley-Stacy-Stone,
Nina Yasmin Stacy-Stone,
Ruby Julie Stacy-Stone,
Alys Clement - Stacy-Stone,
Juliet Stacy-Stone,
Kris Thomas Stacy-Stone II,
Eleanor Elizabeth Stacy-Stone,
Jack James Stacy-Stone,
Katie Lou Stacy-Stone,
Joseph James Stacy-Stone-Brennan,
Divina Stacy-Stone-Brennan

Aunties by marriage
Jenny Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Winters),
Louisa Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Unknown),
Rachel Lesley Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Unknown),
Sarah Kay Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Unknown),
Dawn Carly Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Hope),
Rebekah Christine Gamblewood-McLaggen (born White),
Leanne Naomi Ellen Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Unknown,
Julie Stacy-Stone (born Unknown) and
Kate Alexandra Stone (born Connor)

Uncles by Marriage

Dave Brian Odell,
Cameron Lockwood,
Jonathan Dunbar,
Barry Madley, Dominic Clement and
Aaron Brennan

Great Grandfathers

Ben Richard Gamblewood-McLaggen
Amycus Gilbert and
Marius Stone and
George Mike Stacy

Great Grandmothers Belvina Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Black) and
Ingrid Gilbert (born Storrs) and
Gemma Stone (born Farley) and
Helen Blossom Angel Stacy (born Colorado)

Great Great Grandfathers
Phineas Nigellus Black and
Joseph Jullian Amycus Gilbert and
Alex Storrs and
Jimmy Stone and

Joseph James Colorado and
Pierce Farley

Great Great Grandmothers -
Sarah Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Brandhouse) and
Ursula Black (born Flint) and
Anastasia Gilbert-Carrow (born Turpin) and
Rachel Storrs (born Ruscoe) and
Pippa Farley (born Fawley ) and
Hellen Sarah Colorado (born Unknown)

Loads more of the ancestors to many to name from all the pureblood family side

Loads more of the ancestors ShadowHunters/ Warlocks to many to name

Loads more Relatives to many to name

Gamblewood-McLaggen family (Biological) from Daddy Geoffrey Matthew Thomas Gamblewood-McLaggen side of the family
Stacy-Stone Family (Biological) From Mummy Mummy Mammy: Corrine Courtney Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Stacy-Stone) side of the family
House of Black from her great grandmother
Belvina Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Black) side of family
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Gryffindor Quidditch team
Slug Club
Dumbledore's Army
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Slytherin

Slytherin Quidditch team
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw Quidditch team

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Hufflepuff
Hufflepuff Quidditch team
Order of the Phoenix
The British Ministry Of Magic Department of Aurors office
Ministry of Magic MACUSA
Shadowhunter Institute
The Clave
Lyra Silvertongue


Hermione Granger

Harry Potter

Luna Lovegood

Laura Jayne Gamblewood-McLaggen best friend plus Sister

Eleanor Elizabeth Stone Cousin/Special favourite best friend

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