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The Sorting Hat took quite a long time to sort me in to Gryffindor (my father wasn't very happy, he wanted me to be in Slytherin like him). My family all come from different houses: my sister was in Hufflepuff, my dad was in Slytherin and my mum was in Ravenclaw. People compare me to my mother a lot because I look like her (we have blonde hair and light blue eyes) and we both enjoy reading. People used to think I'd be sorted into Ravenclaw but I always thought I'd be sorted in to Gryffindor; when I was younger, my parents used to tell me off for being reckless (I got in trouble a lot). I also used to stick up for my sister when my dad accused her of having 'Squib tendencies'. My father and I don't get along very well. I don't think it's because he's a Slytherin because I've met quite a few nice Slytherins, I just think he can be cruel for no reason sometimes, but he did get me Stuart (my owl). He's really affectionate for an owl but he can be really mischievous, especially at home. I think he does it on purpose to annoy people. It works.

I really enjoy Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms. I enjoy learning anything really if it's interesting and engaging since I'm quite a curious person. I want to have an exciting job when I'm older, like an Auror, a Professional Quidditch Player (preferably for Puddlemere United) or maybe even a Dragon Keeper. In my spare time, I enjoy messing around with my friends (which usually ends with us getting in trouble), reading and playing Quidditch.

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