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Full Name | Elizabeth Rose "Lizzie" Dursley
Current Age | 11
Current Year | First
Blood Status | Muggleborn
Wand | 9 Inches, Cherry Wood, Unicorn Tail Hair Core
House | Hufflepuff
Patronus | Brown Owl
Era | Next Gen Era
Sexuality | Lesbian [Will find this out during second, third, or fourth year]
Family |
- Dudley Dursley (Father)
- Paisley Dursley (Mother)
- Petunia Dursley (Paternal Aunt)
- Vernon Dursley (Paternal Uncle)
- Harry Potter (First Cousin, Once Removed)
- Ginny Weasley-Potter (First Cousin-in-law, Once Removed)
- James Potter II (Second Cousin)
- Lily Potter II (Second Cousin)
- Albus Potter (Second Cousin)

Lizzie was born to a muggle family; her parents, Dudley and Paisley Dursley. Her parents, wanting nothing to do with Dudley's magical cousin, never mentioned him to the young girl, and so Lizzie grew up knowing nothing of magic. But then, one day, the letter came: a shiny letter on cream colored paper inviting her to go to Hogwarts! The same school as her father's cousin and her second cousins!

Her parents were opposed it to, of course, but she soon didn't care and ran away, only to be found by her cousin, Lily, and being 'adopted' by her father's cousin...Harry Potter. She soon explained her situation and the family understood, taking her with them to Diagon Ally...and you can figure out the rest.

She was also the first witch in her bloodline (The Dursley-Potters) to be sorted into Hufflepuff.
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